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The Petersfield Shutter Range is an all hardwood shutter panel which is hinged to an MDF frame. This design allows cost savings to be made while still ensuring that a lightweight, all wood shutter is still being used to dress the recess. Value for money guaranteed!


How do you provide an all wood shutter at these prices without compromising on the quality of the shutter itself? The Petersfield Shutter Range has a clever solution at a great price thanks to pairing an MDF frame with all wood shutter panels. These shutter panels are manufactured from single pieces of wood (so if you order a 3m high shutter then the sides are made from a 3m length of wood) and these are then hung on the MDF frames. Other entry level all wood shutters would utilise a number of pieces of wood which they would join together to make a single piece. This by its very nature is not as strong. The lightweight nature of the shutter panels means we can hinge together 4 sets of panels to hang from the framework we install in the window recess.


The key specification for the Petersfield Shutter Range can be found at the bottom of this page. If you would like more information on the Petersfield Shutter Range simply call us. We are here to help and can provide with a quick summary of the differences between the ranges that we offer.

Panel DesignLarge selection of decorative frames.
FramesLarge selection of decorative frames.
Louvre Sizes47mm, 64mm, 76mm, 89mm traditional elliptical louvres.
Tilt RodsStandard Traditional Tilt and Integrated Hidden Tilt (also known as silent tilt) available.
Colours6 paints
Other OptionsRemote control system available.
Shutter TypesAll including tracked shutters including linear special shapes. Not recommended for situations where a waterproof shutter is needed.


We have named all our plantation shutter ranges after the key towns in Hampshire that we are looking to service and this includes the Petersfield Shutter Range. These are all within a short drive from Winchester where the company is based so that we can provide a local service with a quick and efficient after sales service.

Petersfield's history goes back to around the time of the Norman invasion of 1066 and came into being due to its ideal location close to the crossing of two major trade routes. Probably named after the church of St. Peter which was founded here the town thrived on the sheep farming and the production of wool during medieval times. The fact that surrounding land was chalk down meant that sheep farming tended to be best use of that land and a thriving wool business brought great prosperity to the area. In the 18th century sheep farming was moved north and Petersfield association with the wool trade decline. Numerous streets in Petersfield such as Carding House Sheep Street and Sheep Street hark back to those times.