Solid Wood Shutters


Solid plantation shutters have been used not just as an external window covering to protect against the elements, but have been used as internal shutters for hundreds of years. They were very common in Georgian houses where they were folded into bespoke recesses.

Did you know we can even custom colour your quality solid shutters to make an amazing statement in your home.

What are the benefits of solid shutters?

Solid shutters do have benefits over louvered shutters in certain cases. If you are looking for a shutter that provides a higher degree of blackout then a solid shutter could be the right choice, but you do lose the flexibility of adjusting louvres to temper light.

You may be better off choosing our louvered shutters with an integrated blackout blind. This would make a great choice for a nursery shutter for example.

Solid wood shutters are also a great choice where you are looking to replicate the original period shutters that may have been in place in the property. Our solid shutters can be supplied with a decorative rebate or with a shaker style finish to give the panels a lovely designer touch.

Can I mix solid with louvered shutters?

Yes, of course you can mix solid shutters with louvered sections and this has some benefits. If, for example, your shutters come all the way to the floor a solid bottom section may not only look more appealing but provide a more robust shutter protecting from wear and tear from children or animals.

You will often find solid sections combined with louvers when we create cupboard doors or sliding doors and this provides a lovely contrast between the two. It also has the added benefit of airflow within your cupboards or filtering light through a room partition when needed.