Where Can You Install Plantation Shutters?

Plantation shutters are classic window coverings that have been popular for centuries. They provide a timeless charm to any home and their elegance enables them to fit seamlessly into a range of interior design styles. Not only are plantation shutters visually appealing, but they also provide excellent light control and privacy while still allowing natural light to enter the room. They are undoubtedly a great choice for any modern home. 

Many homeowners don’t realise just how versatile plantation shutters are and they can be customised to meet any need. Whether you’re looking for a stylish addition to your living room or a way to give your kitchen a fresh look, plantation shutters are the perfect choice. Below we have explored some of the many places you can install plantation shutters throughout your home. They really are the ideal choice for every room. 

Living room and kitchen 

One of the key benefits of plantation shutters is that they help to prevent passersby from looking into your home. For this reason, they’re commonly installed on street-facing windows in the living room and kitchen. Many will install shutters on their big bay windows, for example, and the louvres can be tilted to help increase privacy. 

Plantation shutters aren’t just for windows either and they’re becoming more popular for room dividers in open-plan living spaces. Tracked shutters can be used in front of bi-fold or sliding doors, but they can also be used as doors themselves. Whether you want to temporarily separate your dining room and living room or kitchen and dining room, plantation shutters are the ideal solution. You can concertina or slide them out of the way to open up the space and then conveniently close them again whenever you want to divide the room. 


Finding a window covering that effectively blocks light isn’t always easy, yet plantation shutters offer a stylish solution to anyone who wants to reduce light bleed in their bedroom. When you install window shutters, you won’t be woken up by the sun rising in the morning and they provide you with full control over natural light. You can even purchase blackout window shutters which incorporate a honeycomb blackout blind to provide near complete darkness. The added benefit of being able to control separate banks of louvres means you can get dressed in natural sunlight whilst still having your privacy.

If you want to upgrade your wardrobe doors, you can use plantation shutters as wardrobe or cupboard doors too. The louvres will give your clothes a chance to breathe and also help to improve the appearance of this key piece of bedroom furniture.


It can also be difficult to find window coverings that won’t get damaged by moisture and fabric curtains or blinds are prone to damp problems. You can install plantation shutters that are 100% waterproof and there are a couple of materials to choose from for bathrooms; ABS plastic and vinyl. Both of these shutter options are perfect for humid rooms like the bathroom and they are very low maintenance, so they will look as good as new for years to come. 


Conservatories are known for being unbearably warm during the summer months and this is often because homeowners don’t have suitable window or door coverings. Installing plantation shutters in your conservatory can provide you with more control over both heat and brightness levels. You can strategically tilt the louvres to prevent the sun from shining into your conservatory and making it too warm to sit in throughout the summer. 

You can also install roof light window shutters in your extension too and they can provide you with the control you need over light. Poles can be used to adjust the louvres when shutters are installed in hard-to-reach places or you can opt for a remote control solution that you can operate with ease, which is ideal for busy households. 

Need assistance with plantation shutters in Andover?

It’s fair to say there are so many different ways you can use plantation shutters throughout your home and this type of window covering is much more versatile than you may have thought. If you’re interested in installing plantation shutters in Andover or across Hampshire or Surrey, our team at The Great Shutter Co is here to help. We supply a vast range of shutter styles, materials and colours, and we can help you to design the perfect solutions for your home and budget.

As an experienced shutter company, we can provide you with any advice and guidance you need when comparing the different shutter options available. We provide an end-to-end service and we can assist with everything from initial designs to installation, and you will be in very capable hands with our team. At The Great Shutter Co, customer satisfaction is very important to us and you won’t be disappointed with our level of service or the quality of our shutters.