Wardrobe Shutters


The fact that shutters are made to measure makes them ideal for use as wardrobe, cupboard or sliding door shutters. Whether you are looking for your wardrobe doors or your sliding door to slide past each other or bifold out of the way we have a number of versatile solutions for you.

We can provide your sliding shutters fully louvered, as solid panels or as a mix of the two.

Why do shutters make great wardrobe or sliding doors?

Wardrobe doors are often totally solid giving the clothes very little chance to breathe. By having a louvered section on your wardrobe door shutters you can angle these to let air in. We can also design the doors so that you can slide the shutters past each other with louvers in an open position.

You can achieve a fitted look and save money by, for example, choosing the wardrobe innards from a supplier such as IKEA. This allows you to organise your wardrobe yet have a high-quality wood sliding shutter set to finish off your bedroom.

Why do sliding shutters make great doors?

It’s not just wardrobe doors where shutters can provide a great solution. In many cases a sliding shutter door is preferable over a hinged door as they take up far less space when being opened and closed. This is especially of importance where space is at a premium.

We create a frame that houses these sliding doors and can mount them within the door recess or face-fix the frame to the wall. This is dependent on the design of the doorway, the wall space around it and your preference. A survey is always recommended to see what is possible.

Shutters have been used not just as an external window covering to protect against the elements but have been used as internal shutters for hundreds of years and were very common in Georgian houses where they were folded into bespoke recesses. We can even custom colour your solid shutters to make an amazing statement in your home for windows or as cupboard doors.

What are the benefits of solid shutters?

Solid shutters do have benefits over louvered shutters in certain cases. If you are looking for a shutter that provides a higher degree of blackout then a solid shutter could be the right choice but you do lose the flexibility of adjusting louvres to temper light.

You may be better off choosing our louvered shutters with integrated blackout blind. This would make a great choice for a nursery shutter, for example. Solid shutters are also a great choice where you are looking to replicate the original shutters that may have been in place in the property originally.

Our solid shutters can be supplied with a decorative rebate that gives the panels a lovely designer touch.

Can I mix louvered sections with solid sections?

Yes, of course you can mix solid shutters with louvered sections, and this has some benefits. If, for example, your shutters come all the way to the floor a solid bottom section may not only look more appealing but provide a more robust shutter protecting from wear and tear from children or animals.

You will often find solid sections combined with louvers when we create cupboard doors or sliding doors and this can look absolutely stunning and have the added benefit that you can let cupboards air easily or let light through a room partition when need.