SkyLight Shutters


How many of us have had extensions added to our homes or had loft conversions carried out and added rooflight or skylight windows? We can supply a perfect window dressing solution for your all major skylight window manufacturers such as the UK’s number 1 brand and also Keylight or Fakro window with a shutter that will make that skylight roof window look just that little bit more special.

Why should I choose a skylight roof window shutter over a skylight blind? 

So, you have had your rooft window installed letting all that lovely light flood into your new extension or loft extension, but there are times that you would just like to temper the light.

Unlike a roof blind you are really controlling the light. Your blind is either pulled open or closed while with a shutter you can adjust the louvers. We even provide aluminium poles if the window is situated high up allowing you to reach the shutter and adjust the louvers. We recommend wood shutters as these are very light.

What does it cost for skylight roof window shutters? 

We can provide you with an instant quote. All skylight roof windows have a manufacturer code written on them and if you provide us with the code we can provide a quote for the shutters . Why not just give us a call – as always there is no obligation, and we are happy to provide information on the options that are available to you.