Tips For Designing Wardrobe Shutters

Although plantation shutters are traditionally used as window coverings, lots of homeowners are starting to use them within their interior design too. In recent years, shutters have become particularly popular for wardrobe and cupboard doors, and they are perfect for a range of storage solutions. Not only do plantation shutters provide an elegant finish to your wardrobe, but they are also more affordable than classic fitted wardrobes. 

Whether you are looking for hinged wardrobe doors, sliding wardrobe doors or even bi-folding wardrobe doors, there are lots of solutions to choose from. You can even customise the shutter design to ensure it meets all of your individual needs. To help any homeowners interested in wardrobe shutters, below we have put together some useful design tips to consider. 

Opt for a timeless colour choice 

It’s key to remember that although wardrobe shutter doors can be more affordable than other fitted wardrobe solutions, they are still an investment. These shutters are built to last and once installed, they will look as good as new for many years to come. 

To prevent the hassle and cost associated with replacing your plantation shutters every few years, it’s beneficial to choose a timeless colour for wardrobe doors. If the shutters are painted or stained in an on-trend colour, they might not work in your bedroom the next time you redecorate the space and it’s much more beneficial to opt for a neutral, classic colour. 

Consider mixing louvred and solid panels 

Typically, wardrobe doors are solid and they don’t give your clothes a chance to breathe, but louvred shutters will let air in. Yet, not everyone likes the appearance of full-height louvred shutters for their wardrobes or cupboard doors. 

Thankfully, you can mix louvred and solid panels when designing your shutters, and you can create a bespoke design that meets all of your needs. Often, homeowners will have a solid bottom section and a louvred top section, which doesn’t just look stunning but also provides protection against the wear and tear of children and animals. 

Explore different shutter materials 

Many homeowners assume that all plantation shutters are made from the same timber, but this isn’t the case. Nowadays, there’s a range of shutter materials available and it can be useful to get some guidance as to why some materials will be better than others. 

You may find that the Premium Shutter Range, which is manufactured in Paulownia, is better than the MDF Shutter Range, for example, because it is lightweight and puts less strain on the door hinges. Learning more about the different shutter materials can help you to ensure you’re installing a high-quality product that will be robust and long-lasting. Please note that solid panels can only be made in wood.

Experiment with CAD drawings 

When you contact a shutter company, they will arrange for a consultant to bring some product samples and colour swatches to your home. This is incredibly useful and it is always beneficial to see different options in the space your wardrobe shutters will be installed. 

Instead of making any final decisions at the time of your home visit appointment, it’s worth getting some CAD drawings too. These are not supplied in general, but you can request these once you have decided that you will go ahead subject to final approval. These drawings will bring your wardrobe shutter designs to life, so you can compare the different options available. Having CAD drawings can help you to ensure you’re making the right choice for every design element, no matter how small. 

Looking for affordable shutters in Hampshire and Surrey?

When you’re designing wardrobe shutters, hopefully, these tips will be useful. If you’re searching for a company that supplies and installs affordable shutters in Hampshire and Surrey, get in touch with our team at The Great Shutter Co. today. With over two decades of experience working with plantation shutters, you can rely on us to help you design the perfect shutters for your home. 

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