The MDF Shutter Range

The MDF Shutter Range is, not surprisingly, our entry level shutter range and is manufactured from MDF. This is an amazingly robust range due to the pre-coloured extruded polymer coating used in manufacture. It does have certain limitations due its weight and the fact that unlike wood it cannot be carved. It is, though, a quality product and comes with our standard 3 year guarantee.


It really is amazing how this value shutter range look so great yet are such value for money, but that is exactly what the MDF Shutter Range delivers. The shutters are not manufactured using a cheap MDF but made from Radiata Pine. This comes from managed forest plantations ensuring the use of a quality material in manufacture as well as maintaining sustainability.

MDF has a higher density than wood and therefore is heavier. This leads to certain restrictions when it comes to installation in that only 2 panels can be hinged together. This may not be ideal for your installation however by using T-posts we can normally find a solution. We do not recommend the MDF Shutter Range for large windows as the weight may affect the longevity of the installation. MDF is also not suitable where windows suffer from condensation as the MDF can absorb that moisture and blow, which invalidates the warranty.

In general, we recommend MDF shutters for buy to let or investment properties, where the tenants may change on a regular basis. The harder wearing coating of the MDF comes into its own in these types of premises. Most of our customers prefer the more natural look of painted or stained wood shutters. The price differential between MDF and wood shutters is so small that the superior wood product with its 5 year warranty constitutes the majority of our sales.

To find out how much should plantation shutters cost please read our blog.



We don’t just look to sell you a shutter but to provide really good impartial advice. We have listed here the key design options that are available but would recommend that you call us with some basic information on your windows if you are interested in the MDF Shutter Range just so we can let you know if we can dress your windows with this range.

Panel Design Traditional and Contemporary available.
Frames Large selection of decorative frames.
Louvre Sizes 47mm, 64mm, 76mm, 89mm, 114mm traditional elliptical louvres.
Tilt Rods Standard Traditional Tilt and Integrated Hidden Tilt (also known as silent tilt).
Colours 9 solid colours, no stains
Custom Colour All including tracked shutters but not special shapes or solid panels

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