Factors To Consider When Designing Bespoke Shutters

When replacing the window coverings in their home, lots of people are moving away from blinds and curtains and installing shutters instead. There are several benefits to installing plantation shutters and they are a brilliant choice for every home, whether you have a traditional cottage or a modern townhouse. You can even purchase bespoke shutters too which are made to measure specifically for your windows and they’re a very popular choice.

There are many different factors to consider when you’re creating bespoke shutters and you will have control over several elements of the design. To help any homeowners who are interested in installing made to measure shutters throughout their home, below we’ve listed some of the most important factors you should take into consideration. 


Location is essential to think about when you’re designing bespoke shutters and where you plan on installing the shutters often influences the rest of the design. Whilst shutters are commonly installed on windows, it’s worth noting they can be installed on doors too and they’re a brilliant choice to use throughout your home. You may find you need different types of shutters for different rooms, for example, blackout shutters are perfect for bedrooms and they will help you to get a great night’s sleep. 


Many homeowners don’t realise that bespoke shutters can be made from lots of materials. In addition to traditional wooden shutters, you can choose from a selection of other materials, each of which have unique advantages. For example, ABS plastic shutters are ideal for bathrooms as they’re 100% waterproof and MDF shutters are great value for money yet amazingly robust, making them perfect for main living spaces. So, do some research into popular shutter materials before deciding which will be best for your home. 


The vast majority of shutter materials are available in a range of different colours and they can be painted or stained in line with your requirements. It isn’t always easy to decide which colour is best for your shutters and in addition to thinking about your existing interior design, you should think about the artificial lighting in your home. Since shutters aren’t as easy to replace as curtains or blinds, it’s always recommended you opt for a timeless colour that you will still love in years to come. 


Whilst the majority of shutters tend to be manually operated, you can design your shutters so they’re controlled by a remote control. You might not need all of your shutters to be remote-controlled, but if you install skylight shutters this can be very useful. Being able to open and close the shutters at the touch of a button, and adjust the louvres too, is very convenient and it will give you increased control over natural light. Take some time to consider whether remote-controlled shutters would be beneficial in your home. 


When you’re designing bespoke shutters, the decisions you make about the factors above will all influence the cost of your new shutters. Not to mention, some shutter ranges are more expensive than others too, so budget is always something you need to think about when you’re replacing the old window coverings in your home. Thankfully, even if your budget is limited, you shouldn’t struggle to design shutters that meet your needs and are still budget-friendly. So, speak to a shutter expert about the most cost-effective options.  

Installing bespoke shutters in Portsmouth and Southampton

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