Contemporary Twist On Traditional Home: Large Window Covering Solutions

When you update a lovely large Victorian property how you deal with the window coverings is one of the key decisions you need to make. There are so many options in the market actually trying to find the right large window covering solution can be a little tricky. Here at The Great Shutter Co we obviously specialise in window shutters but we also sell a large range of other window coverings with the focus on remote control blinds.

Our clients home is based in Twyford, located between Winchester and Southampton, and was configured with 2 large reception rooms and a number of bedrooms which were also located on the top floor with eaves. The reception rooms had especially large windows and some odd configurations as far as the number of panes in the windows.

The dining room had a large bay and with the property being street facing the client was looking for a window covering solution where they could let in as much light as possible whilst also maintaining privacy. We suggested tier-on-tier shutters. These required fine adjustment, as not only did they folding set of shutters need to fold back over a large expanse, but they also needed to clear an internal lintel. By custom making the frame we were able to get the shutters to clear the lintel by 5mm when open. The other complication was the client needed 5 panels. In general shutters need to bifold as magnets at the back hold the shutters together. When you have a set of 3 and 2 panels you are left with a panel with no magnet – getting this last panel to sit back when in the open position is an art but by manipulating the hinges we were able to achieve this.

The lounge window by contrast was made up of 4 panels and so presented less of a challenge. We still think the choice of a larger 76mm louvre lent itself to the size of the windows and ensured that even without the top tier folded back the room benefited from large amounts of natural light which we think the pictures taken show very well.

For the bedrooms simple pairs of shutters were chosen with a midrail (a fixed solid bar) that allows you to move the top and bottom louvers independently. We did though make some amends to the designs. In the eaves, for example, the sloping ceiling dictated that the window shutters opened to one side – so rather than simple L and R opening panels we had, for example, both panels folding to the right. The wooden shutters from our Winchester Range were fitted within the beautiful architrave of the windows and really look like part of the architecture.

Bedrooms don’t always required shutters and in some of the bedrooms we installed the Rolls Royce of electric blinds by Q-Motion. These blinds are super clever – not only are the voice controlled by Alexa – they also have a unique energy recovery system. This means no hard-wiring is needed and no need for electricians or plasterers. They run of normal large batteries which can last up to 18 months without needing to be changed and that is because of clever spring technology which means that very little power is used in raising the blind. Think of it like the KERS system in Formula 1.

We also provided the bathrooms with our Alresford Range of waterproof shutters and these 100% waterproof shutters come with A4 marine grade stainless steel hinges and provide a great window dressing solution that fits with the modern look of the bathroom.

To see more pictures you can visit this project on the houzz website

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