What Shutters To Pick For Your Bathroom?

If there was ever a room in the house where privacy was top of the agenda your bathroom would probably be it.

Bathroom shutters are really great at providing privacy and because we have the ability to split the louvers (slats) within the panel so we can ensure that whilst the bottom half of your shutter panel is providing privacy, the top louvers are in the open position maximising the light you let into your bathroom.

Light in bathrooms is important as often the consumer may be applying make-up or shaving.

Bathroom windows, especially in new builds, are often much smaller than other windows in the home. This unfortunately impacts on light levels but on the other hand is in some ways a bonus as the cost of the shutter is much cheaper!

We think this makes plantation shutters a particularly good investment as unlike other window coverings that have cords or fabric that can rot in damp conditions, window shutters are long lasting and don’t suffer from these issues.


Other areas that clients should potentially consider waterproof shutters are in high humidity areas such as utility rooms or outdoor spaces we installed a shutter for a garden kitchen area for example last summer.

Windows that are single glazed can often suffer from very high levels of condensation and we would as a minimum recommend wooden shutters (not MDF which can absorb the moisture and blow out).

The Great Shutter Co recommends that clients should consider whether waterproof shutters may not be a better longer term solution.

We have even put in tracked shutters in Dorset whose new swimming pool needed a mix of waterproof shutters for the windows and a large set over their bifold door run.

As we are an independent shutter retailer, we have access to a number of different manufacturers’ waterproof products.

Unlike a franchise or a national we can provide the best product for your window and budget and there is no compromise on providing truly impartial advice. In general, all these types of shutters are made from an ABS or vinyl type of material that is 100% waterproof.

One of the key elements of a waterproof shutter is to ensure that the hardware is A4 Marine Grade quality stainless steel as this will ensure that there are no rusting issues in the future. The available colour pallet in the waterproof products tends to be limited but most people do tend to choose a pure white shutter to match their sanitary ware.

Any customers seeking a more unusual colour or a stain they can opt for a Hardwood shutter product, and combine this with marine grade stainless steel hardware. In general hardwood shutters will stand up well in a well ventilated bathrooms (but cannot be covered by warranty).

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We also have customers who have asked for solid shutters in bathrooms, i.e. without louvers, and in this case again a wood product is needed as solid panels are not available in the waterproof ranges.

Our preferred waterproof product also reduces the parts of the shutter that could suffer from rusting by using a different design than would be used on standard window shutters. Rather than having magnet catches which would secure the panel into the frame a plastic ball catch is used (as you tend to find on all fashioned cupboard doors at the top).

We know we have the right waterproof product for you so please do just get in touch for a free, no obligation home design consultation.