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We are offering 20% off when ordering 3 shutters or more. Bays and tracks qualify automatically. You won't believe our prices for market leading hardwood shutters. Our shutters come from, amongst others, the world's leading shutter manufacturers including the world's number 1 shutter brand. We have extremely competitive prices and great customer reviews. See our feedback for service and product on google reviews and check-a-trade. We are so confident of our pricing that we will beat any written quote on a like for like basis.

20% Off All Shutters. Call Or Submit Call Back Request: 01420 481709

Bay Window Shutters Alton

Bay Window Shutters Alton

Our client's home is street facing and they were having issues with privacy not just at street level but also from the houses across the road. We installed bay window shutters that not only allowed for control of privacy but actually bounced light back into the room. It just seems that bay windows were made for shutters - they make the most of the space and add an elegant touch.

Window Shutters Alton

Window Shutters Alton

Our customer’s large lounge often got very hot, but they had lovely views on to their garden. We mounted these beautiful all wood White Teak shutters on the edge of the window recess and that meant our client could also bi-fold the shutters flat against the wall freeing up the window totally when needed. By choosing large louvers in conjunction with a split panel, light levels could be controlled whilst still maintaining the view.

Bathroom Shutters Alton

Bathroom Shutters Alton

Our client, an architect, had an amazing new bathroom installed but was unsure of how to dress the windows. We suggested these stunning grey shutters with a frame that provided an architectural edge to frame on 2 sides and blended with the central shelving unit. We also offer 100% waterproof shutters with marine grade stainless steel hardware.

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Window Shutters Alton


The Great Shutter Co. are local, independent shutter specialist who focus primarily on plantation shutters Alton, but also retail and fit other window coverings such as remote control blinds. We have built a solid reputation over the last 5 years which is reflected in the quality of our customer reviews. We would love to help and offer a free, no obligation home design service.


20% Off All Shutters. Call Or Submit Call Back Request: 01420 481709

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Absolutely first class in every respect from first contact to completion. Excellent advice, quality and fitting.

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Bay windows are beautiful but they do pose a problem when it comes to privacy as they are open to view from three sides normally. This is especially an issue in more residential areas where houses and walk ways are closer together. Alton's modern housing estates and Victorian properties tend to suffer most and so shutters provide an ideal solution as you can adjust the bottom louvers for additional privacy whilst keeping the top louvers in an open position to maximise light. As we are normally sitting in living or dining rooms this provides all the privacy you would need.



Conservatory roofs can be tricky things. Not on a horizontal plane, shaped elements, excessive glass are resulting in fading furniture and carpets, excessive heat in summer and too cold to use in winter. Shutters are ideal as they are super insulating and the fact that they are louvered means you can adjust heat levels. Add to this the fact that we can shape to roof means you can have some stunning results. It's not cheap but boy does it make a statement.

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The Great Shutter Co. offer a survey, measure and fit service. We retail shutters from numerous manufacturers including the USA's number one shutter brand. Call us for a free no obligation quote on shutters in Alton and surrounding areas call 01420 481709.

20% Off All Shutters. Call Or Submit Call Back Request: 01420 481709

Quality Window Shutters In Alton

Shutters are classy, beautiful and timeless and if you are looking to complement your home, shutters can be the wow factor you need. Whether you are looking at the window shutters from inside or outside, the feel and beauty it provides is outstanding.

When it comes to quality made to measure window shutters in Alton, you have a variety of options to choose from. Choose the style and material that will complement your interior space and your home at large and see the warmth, feel and ambience it can provide you and your family. The Great Shutter Co offers you the best and most beautiful shutters to complement your home.

If you are looking for made to measure window shutters in Alton, The Great Shutter Co offers the best. Our Alton plantation shutters are the perfect solution for your home. If you are looking to shut out the view from outside or you just want to shut out light and keep your home warm, we’ve got the best shutters you need to do it effectively.

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With more than a decade experience within the shutter industry, we have become the first choice when it comes to shutters with many happy repeat customers. We know you are looking for the best that is why we are offering you nothing but the best window shutter service in Alton.

We pride ourselves on offering quality shutters at affordable prices backed up by a quallity service irrespective of whether your order is large or small. We are fast, efficient and friendly with many years experience. Get in touch with us today.