Common Misconceptions About Window Shutters

Traditionally, when deciding on a window covering, curtains would be the first choice for the vast majority of homeowners. Whilst curtains can be an elegant accessory to some rooms in the home, they do have their downsides and it is becoming increasingly common for homeowners to explore the option of installing window shutter solutions instead. Nowadays, this modern window covering is one of the most popular options available.

It is fair to say that plantation shutters are minimalistic in design, meaning they really can suit any type and style of home, however, some people have their doubts about this brilliant window covering. Unfortunately, there are a number of misconceptions surrounding interior shutters and the myths that homeowners come across can put them off installing window shutters in their home. So, to set the record straight, below we have debunked some of the most common misconceptions about window shutters.

“They are really expensive

Whilst some window shutters are quite expensive, this doesn’t mean that plantation shutters aren’t a budget-friendly solution. There are a number of different shutter ranges available to choose from, varying from MDF shutters to hard wood shutters, so there is an option for all price ranges. Simply put, having shutters fitted doesn’t have to break the bank.

“They easily break and often need repairs

When compared to window coverings like Venetian blinds, plantation shutters are a more sturdy solution. You can trust that when you opt for quality shutters, they will last for years to come and they are actually one of the most durable window coverings available. The majority of window shutters come with a three-year warranty as a minimum too, providing additional peace of mind. Our hardwood shutters have a 5 year warranty.

“They are difficult to keep clean

Keeping window shutters looking as good as new couldn’t be easier and no matter what shutter range you choose to invest in, they are also one of the lowest maintenance window dressings available on the market. Cleaning plantation shutters is really straightforward and often, all they need is a wipe down with a cloth to remove any dust and they will look flawless once again. We find baby wipes or a little soapy water does the trick. The shutters have UV inhibitors in the paint so don’t use harsh chemicals.

“They can’t be used in the bathroom

Lots of homeowners will use window shutters in rooms like their living room or their bedroom, but this doesn’t mean that they can’t be used in the bathroom too. They are actually a brilliant

solution for this space and you can install waterproof shutters that are specifically designed for rooms with high humidity. These shutters coming into direct contact with water isn’t an issue.

“They block out too much natural light

Even though shutters will technically always be ‘covering’ your window, you don’t need to worry about them preventing natural light from being able to flood into your home. These shutters are designed to have very little impact in this regard and when the louvres are angled correctly, they won’t block any light. In fact, shutters allow you to control light like no other window covering as most of the shutter frame work is over the frame work of your windows and it’s just slat covering the glass area.

“They aren’t as effective as curtains

The fact that shutter frames are fixed to your windows means that, unlike curtains and blinds, they prevent light from bleeding around the window covering. Window shutters are actually incredibly effective in blocking light and making a room really dark, and with blackout solutions available too, you can easily ensure that no light at all comes through them. We now even offer blackout shutters with integrated remote control blinds.


All in all, it is fair to say that you shouldn’t let the misconceptions that you come across about plantation shutters put you off installing them in your home and they really are a brilliant window covering to use. Now that you know the truth about window shutters, there really is no denying that they are one of the best solutions available for the windows in your home and you should definitely look into them in much more detail.

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