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The Romsey Shutter Range is manufactured from a lightweight timber with a beautiful grain which makes this product ideal if you are looking for a stained finish. The fact that it is lightweight also makes it ideal for large window openings where you are looking to reduce the amount of strain placed on the hinges.


Available in both a painted and stained finish the Romsey Shutter Range is of the highest quality as the wood used is dimensionally stable and dependably knot free. The range is manufactured in Paulownia which has a delightful light to honey blonde colour which is ideal for staining as it still lets the natural grain show through. It is best to see sample panels to appreciate the look and quality of this plantation shutter. Paulownia, like all of our woods, does not come from tropical or sub-tropical rainforests but is a regenerating plantation wood that can be harvested several times making this an environmentally sound choice.


We have listed the basic specification that is available in the Romsey Shutter Range but are able to provide further information should it be required. Please feel free to call, there is no obligation to book one of our free surveys.

Panel DesignContemporary design available.
FramesLarge selection of decorative frames.
Louvre Sizes47mm, 64mm, 76mm, 89mm, 114mm traditional elliptical louvres. Limited range of solid panels.
Tilt RodsStandard Traditional Tilt and Integrated Hidden Tilt (also known as silent tilt) available.
Colours28 paints, 20 stains.
Custom ColourColour matched to any of the country's leading paint manufacturers. Choose from Paint and Paper Library (1 & 2), Fired Earth: Elements of Colour by Kevin McCloud, The Little Greene Paint and Paper, 1773 English Heritage Range, Dulux: Trade Professional, Trade, Heritage, Ral Classic.
Shutter TypesAll including tracked shutters as well as special shapes including linear and curved. Not recommended for situations where a waterproof shutter is needed.


When it came to what we should call our shutter ranges, Romsey was top of the list not only because we are just a stone's throw away but because Romsey has just the right type of houses that would benefit from shutters. The terraced housing on Winchester Road, for example, would profit from the beautiful shutters that we could install in the bay windows providing both privacy as well as ensuring that maximum potential of the room is reached as the shutters follow the internal lines of the window. In addition with so many lofts being converted into bedrooms our range of skylight shutters (remote controlled if you wish) would provide the ideal solution.