Using Internal Shutters Throughout Your Home

Traditionally, shutters were installed on windows to provide homeowners with increased privacy and they have been a popular window covering for hundreds of years now. Window shutters remain to be one of the first choices of window dressings and they are still commonly seen in both traditional and modern properties. Shutters offer several benefits to homeowners including improved light control and energy efficiency, and they’re a great investment. 

It is becoming more and more common for homeowners to use plantation shutters in lots of different ways throughout their homes too and they are no longer just window coverings. Internal shutters can elevate your interior design and provide added convenience, and it’s worth exploring some of the different ways various shutter styles can be used in your home. 

Below we have looked into some of the shutter solutions that are a fantastic addition to any home. 

Exterior door shutters 

When installing window shutters, lots of homeowners wonder whether it’s possible to install matching shutters on their exterior doors and the answer is yes. French door and patio door shutters offer the same benefits as window shutters, enabling homeowners to control privacy and light. These shutters are physically attached to the inside of the door, so they won’t flap around in the wind when the door is open, and they’re really easy to operate. If you have windows on either side of your doors, shutters can help you to achieve a classy uniform look.

Conservatory shutters 

Conservatories are a common way to extend a property and they provide homeowners with another living space, however, they can be very warm and stuffy during the summer months. Thankfully, conservatory shutters are the ideal solution for a hot conservatory and they can help to create a comfortable space. Shutters are more versatile than classic conservatory blinds and they complement both wooden and uPVC structures. You can even install roof shutters to block sunlight and these shutters can be shaped to specifically suit your conservatory roof. 

Skylight shutters 

Single-story extensions and loft conversions are also extremely popular, and when carrying out these home improvement projects, lots of homeowners will install Velux-style windows. Finding a suitable window covering for these windows can be very difficult and often, roof blinds don’t enable you to fully control the light. Skylight shutters are much more suitable and being able to adjust the louvres is really advantageous. Of course, bespoke shutters will enhance your interior design too and they can make your roof windows look that little bit more special.

Wardrobe and cupboard door shutters 

Plantation shutters can even be used as wardrobe doors or cupboard doors and they are a great alternative to conventional hinged doors. Wardrobe shutters can be tailored to your exact requirements and there are several shutter ranges and quality materials available to choose from. You can even combine louvred and solid panel sections when designing your door shutters to create a design that’s perfect for your home. Stylish shutters can add a touch of class to your interior and help you to achieve a fitted look at a fraction of the cost. 

Room divider shutters

Tracked and sliding shutters can be great room dividers too, and if you have an open-plan living space, they can help you to separate your kitchen and dining areas, for example. These shutters can either slide past each other or bifold out of the way, and they make it easy for you to partition rooms whenever needed. When designing room divider shutters, you can concertina or slide all of the shutters to the left or right, or split them in the middle too, and you can choose an opening solution that works in your living space. 

Interested in installing internal shutters in Romsey?

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