Tips For Choosing The Perfect Window Shutter Colour

Instead of installing blinds or curtains, it’s becoming more common for homeowners to install traditional plantation shutters. Shutter companies supply a vast array of shutter types and shutter ranges these days, and window shutters can be made-to-measure in line with your specific needs. You can even choose from a selection of painted and stained finishes for your new shutters and the Premium Shutter Range, for example, is available in 19 paints, 6 stains and 5 craft finishes. Not to mention, some shutters can be colour matched to any of the country’s leading paint manufacturers too.

There are lots of things to consider when deciding which colour is best for your window shutters and the colour of your window coverings can have a big impact on your interior design. To help homeowners narrow down their choices and find the perfect window shutter colour for their homes, below we have put together some useful tips. 

Compare the colours in the rooms in your home

Whilst it’s beneficial to visit a shutter showroom and view a range of shutter types, materials and colours, you shouldn’t make any decisions before you view the colours in your own home. So many factors will influence what a colour looks like and you may be surprised by just how different a colour can look when it’s not in the showroom. 

Ideally, you should arrange for a shutter expert to bring a selection of colour swatches to your home design visit. You can then look at your favourite colours in the rooms you’re going to be installing shutters in and get a better idea of what the colours actually look like. Everything from the type of bulbs in your lights to the paint on your walls will impact the shutter colour and to prevent any mistakes, you should carefully assess each colour option at home. 

Look at the colours in natural and artificial lighting 

As mentioned above, your light bulbs can impact the appearance of window shutter colours. Often, incandescent bulbs have a warmer yellow light which will make colours appear warmer whereas LED bulbs will have a brighter blue light which will also affect the appearance of colours. In addition to looking at shutter samples under artificial lighting, you need to compare them in natural lighting too as natural light is very different to electric light. 

You may find that shutter colours are affected by the time of day and the season too, and whilst you can’t look at colours in every possible scenario, you should take some time to check your favourite colours in different lighting. This can help to ensure you love your new window shutters once they are installed, regardless of what the lighting may be like. 

Remember that shutters have a long life expectancy

When you’re choosing a window shutter colour for your home, it’s key to remember that shutters last much longer than other window coverings. Once installed, your shutters will last for many years to come and depending on the shutter range you invest in, you might not have to replace them during your time of homeownership. 

It is often beneficial to choose a neutral and timeless colour that will still look good in a decade’s time. Opting for something that’s currently on-trend can be costly in the long run as if you want to change the colour, you can’t simply take the shutters off and repaint them. So, don’t just think about your current interior design when making your final decision. 

Consider the colour of your home’s exterior 

Lots of homeowners focus on what their window shutters will look like from inside their property and whilst this is important, you need to consider what they will look like from outside too. When the louvres are closed, your shutters will be blocks of colour in your windows and if you choose the wrong colour, they can become a focal point for all of the wrong reasons. 

When walking or driving past your house, people will be able to see your shutters and they will have a big impact on the kerb appeal of your home. So, be sure to take into account the colour of your home’s facade when looking at sample colours and think about which will best complement the exterior of your property. You should also be aware that the tint of your windows will change the colour of the shutters when viewed from the outside.

Installing window shutters in Farnham and Southampton

Hopefully, the information above will be useful when you’re designing the perfect window shutters for your home. If you’d like to speak to a shutter expert about the different colours and finishes available in more detail, our team at The Great Shutter Co. will be happy to help. We have many years of experience supplying and installing high-quality products to homeowners from Farnham to Southampton and all surrounding areas and you can rely on us to provide you with the impartial advice you need. We pride ourselves on providing an excellent service from start to finish, so don’t hesitate to contact us today for assistance.