Part 1: Picking The Perfect Colour For Your Window Shutters Or Blinds

Selecting the right colour when it comes to plantation shutters, or venetian blinds for that matter, can be a little bit tricky.

The aspect of the room – north, south, east or west and the amount of natural light it benefits from can impact greatly on the shway the colour looks in the home.


The colour of the wooden shutters or blinds can also be affected by the season as well as the time of day. Quite often, reviewing colour sample options during winter mornings or evenings, means that you’re not looking at them in any natural light.

Here at The Great Shutter Co. we advise checking colour swatches for your window shutters in both electric and natural light. During the Winter time, take a look at the swatches when the level of light is good enough to see the colours in the respective rooms in your own home. For this you will need to have a shutter retailer bring the samples to you at home.

At The Great Shutter Co. we always bring the samples to the customers home for that very reason, and let you take your time to consider how the colours will work for you.


Another key point to consider is how different types of bulbs in your home will affect how colours can appear in a room. This is due to the different hues of light.

Halogen and incandescent bulbs are the most likely to emit a yellow light and that will make colours appear warmer. LED lighting are known for emitting a bluer light. If you are looking at swatch colours it’s best to do so under a bulb which emits a white light if you possibly can, and closely mirrors daylight.


In addition, the paint finish on the walls, window frames or doors that surround your window can vary greatly. This is not only due to the finish – is it emulsion, matt emulsion, a gloss or vinyl? They can all vary depending on the manufacturer, but also to the batch it was made in.

Just to complicate matters further, when selecting window coverings certain manufacturers have their own way of making their paints “unique”.

Farrow and Ball will talk about their pigments, others about the chalk content of their paint.

We often meet potential clients who spend a great deal of time thinking about the colour of their window shutters and blinds, and move from room to room with the swatch trying to see what would work best.

At The Great Shutter Co. we are real advocates of this approach – it is absolutely the right thing to do. However, for some of the reasons mentioned above this can be very tricky.

Choosing a match from our large range of whites and creams can be a bit of headache, too.

Of course, if you are fortunate enough to have an unlimited budget and prepared to change your shutters or blinds every few years to match your new décor or the latest colour trend, The Great Shutter Co. team would be delighted to supply your new shutters or blinds as often as required.

However, if you’re on a budget, it’s worth diligently checking the colours in different rooms and different lights to make sure you’re happy with your choice. You also need to ensure the colour is adaptable to your potential future decor.

A customer who recently had windows shutters installed in Southampton asked us to re-spray her shutters. Regrettably, we cannot take your shutters out and repaint them. The cost is much higher than just installing a new set of shutters.

Whether you want to let in more light, or make your rooms more private, there are plenty of reasons why window shutters would be a great fit for your home.