Five Top Reasons To Install Plantation Window Shutters In Your Home

There’s one fantastic interior design element that often overlooked, but that can make your home more modern, fresh and appealing. This element can be utilised in most rooms, (assuming the room has a certain feature…) can be a contemporary substitute to a traditional product that nearly everyone has in their home. They are solid, come in a variety of finishes and colour, though white tends to be the colour of choice. We are talking about shutters, horizontal slatted plantation shutters that can be installed to perfectly suit each individual window and door opening, be it the whole home or just one room.

Curtains and blinds are not the only window treatment to be considered, there are numerous benefits of the plantation shutter, visibly, financially and others, the top 5 of which are below.

  1. Privacy

Not having anything on your windows clearly means that everyone can see what is happening in your home. On the other hand curtains are either drawn or open, there’s no half-way house. So, if you are looking for something in-between, something than can allow varying degrees of privacy then shutters are a great option.

  1. Light Control

The light tempering feature is one of the best things about window shutters. Not only they are ideal for the right ambience – they are also practical and functional. In an age where technology, gadgets and screens of all sizes are around us, it is about time we start thinking about how light affects them. A simple tweak and light can be passed through the top section only then as you change your activity you can increase or decrease to suit.

  1. Hypo-allergenic Properties

Curtains are prone to collecting dust, mites and other allergens and they are difficult to be cleaned. When do you last clean your curtains?… Hmmmm it’s certainly got me thinking… Window shutters, on the other hand, are hypo-allergenic and you can simply dust them with a cloth from time to time, much easier than curtain cleaning.

  1. Insulation and Soundproofing

A study by the Glasgow Caledonian University has shown that window shutters are the most insulating of all window coverings. In other words, they are able to keep your home warm or cool and create an insulating layer. This layer is exactly what provides an extra level of noise insulation as well, which is certainly handy when your windows are open with your shutters shut.

  1. Timeless

Plantation window shutters are very simple in look with a plain finish and suit any interior decor or style you are after. Therefore as and when you decide to alter your wall colour or finish or add a new sofa or rug, your shutters will always work with whatever choices you made. Whereas a patterned or even plain curtain will dictate your choices for new elements in your room which can be restricting. So no time like the present, check out our website and see which products might suit your home.

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