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We are offering 20% off when ordering 3 shutters or more. Bays and tracks qualify automatically. You won't believe our prices for market leading hardwood shutters. Our shutters come from, amongst others, the world's leading shutter manufacturers including the world's number 1 shutter brand. We have extremely competitive prices and great customer reviews. See our feedback for service and product on google reviews and check-a-trade. We are so confident of our pricing that we will beat any written quote on a like for like basis.

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Bay Window Shutters

Bay Window Shutters

Our client's home is street facing and they were having issues with privacy not just at street level but also from the houses across the road. We installed bay window shutters that not only allowed for control of privacy but actually bounced light back into the room. It just seems that bay windows were made for shutters - they make the most of the space and add an elegant touch.

Window Shutters

Window Shutters

Our customer’s large lounge often got very hot, but they had lovely views on to their garden. We mounted these beautiful all wood White Teak shutters on the edge of the window recess and that meant our client could also bi-fold the shutters flat against the wall freeing up the window totally when needed. By choosing large louvers in conjunction with a split panel, light levels could be controlled whilst still maintaining the view.

Bathroom Shutters

Bathroom Shutters

Our client, an architect, had an amazing new bathroom installed but was unsure of how to dress the windows. We suggested these stunning grey shutters with a frame that provided an architectural edge to frame on 2 sides and blended with the central shelving unit. We also offer 100% waterproof shutters with marine grade stainless steel hardware.

004 The Great Shutter Co Tier On Tier Shutters Southampton


Very friendly and efficient, shutters are lovely, installed with no fuss clean and tidy.

Reviewed by Mr and Mrs Rugge-Price.

Southampton SO15 5FG on .

Rating: Check-a-trade 10/10

20% Off All Shutters. Call Or Submit A Call Back Request: 02381 676870


You may have seen the lovely review and amazing pictures from our Southampton customer on their tier on tier shutters. Having a great canvas always helps when it comes to choosing the type of shutters to install. You can scroll through these images here to get an idea of what tier on tier shutters can do for you home. Please note that why these shutters work so well in this instance because the windows are already very large. That means that the rails (the non moving parts on the bottom and top of a shutter panel) do not take over the window. On shorter windows these rails can dominate the window and look heavy which they don't here. Think about your window and what will work with it - there are other shutter solutions for maximising light and we can help with that.

The Great Shutter Co Gable End Shutters Romsey


Our client wanted shutters throughout their home and of course we were happy to help. Their gable end windows at the front and back of the house provided and interesting challenge as there were also inward opening doors below. We provided a stunning solution for the windows that highlighted the architectural features of their home. You can see more images on our website soon when we complete the photoshoot but we do have some snaps we took ourselves. Just give us a call and we will be more than happy to show you what we delivered for our client.



We love this solution to that perenial problem of large bi-fold door expanses creating the world largest television sets, where the goings on of households are visible to neighbours. It's like watching master chef on a very large TV. Now with the simple addition of some tracked bifolding shutters you can decide on the level of privacy you would like. And not just that - but you can ensure that the only thing that gets baked is in the oven and not you, in that lovely kitchen/living extension at the back of the house.

20% Off All Shutters. Call Or Submit A Call Back Request: 02381 676870

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A Modern City

The city of Southampton, a metropolitan city in the Hampshire County, at the west of England, is situated around a major port & is a major tourist destination, facilitating around four million visitors per year. The port was one of the largest until the 1930s with monumental voyage liners like The Queen Mary, being built & departed from here. The famous Titanic, on the appalling day of 10th April 1912, departed from the White Star Dock in this city, embarking on its last & historical voyage. A number of places in the city have now been built as a tribute to the Titanic & serve as a token for the lost inhabitants of Southampton.

Housing stock from the 60's and 70's in Southampton can also benefit from plantation shutters as windows tended to be larger letting in more light but also more heat/cold as well as making privacy a bigger issue. Shutters can really help here - why not ask us to provide more information.

Southampton is among the warmer & sunnier cities in the UK. The hottest month being July has an average temperature of 18°C (64°F) while the coldest time of the year falls during January , the average temperature going down to about 5°C (41°F). The city experiences the most amount of rain during the end & start of the year with an average of 80mm of rain experienced during January. With a population of over 237,000 people, the city is a multicultural one. There is a significant majority of White people, containing around 92.4% of the city's populace; around 3.8% of the residents are South Asian, 1% Black & around 2.8 % people from other mixed races. In relation to age groups, there are almost 32,300 residents falling in the age group of 20-24, making it the most populous one, the group of 25-29 comes next with around 24,700 people, thus, making the most part of the city’s population comprising of adults. Amongst these adults, around 37% are married. The growth rate has been highest in the age group of working people i.e. 16-44, which increased by 12.4% in the duration from 2001-2011.

There has been a lot of development along the waterfront as the city topped the list for the most desirable places for property investors in the UK. With an increase in the number of residents, a lot of properties come in demand, most of them being flats. The core residential areas in the city are Chilworth, Highfield, Bassett & Upper Shirley. However, areas like Bitterne Park are comparatively more affordable & offer great value for money. Since it is the one of the greenest cities in the country, there are vast acres of common land & parks which are a source of attraction for the families. The quality of education being offered by the schools is also a plus point in this regard.

The city is famous for its rich history & monumental landmarks including the Tudor House, the Medieval Merchant’s House from the 12th century, the Medieval Walls of Southampton from the 14th century & the Old Town, numerous renowned individuals like William the Conqueror, Henry V, William Shakespeare & Jane Austen, either dwelled or went by, increasing the historical significance of the place. Apart from the historical places, there are many other attractions all around the city. From theatres to museums & ferry terminals, Southampton offers a wide variety of activities too.