How To Keep Wooden Shutters Looking Their Best

Traditionally, plantation shutters were made from natural materials and they were simply painted or stained to improve their appearance. Although there are various shutter ranges available nowadays and window shutters can be made from engineered materials like MDF and ABS plastic, wooden shutters are still a very popular choice amongst homeowners. 

Wooden shutters are known for their durability and they are the perfect choice for both windows and doors throughout any modern home. You can install this type of shutter knowing it will look as good as new for many years to come and you can still embrace the natural appearance of painted or stained wood shutters. If you’re keen to install wooden shutters and you’re wondering what maintenance they require, below our shutter experts have answered some of the questions we’re frequently asked by our customers. 

What type of timber are wooden shutters made from?

At The Great Shutter Co., we have two popular wooden shutter ranges; Premium Shutter Range and Superior Shutter Range, and they’re made from two different types of timber. 

Our Premium Shutter Range is made from a very lightweight Paulownia wood and it’s ideal for large window openings. This range is engineered to eliminate twisting and warping, making it very dimensionally stable, and it’s a popular choice because it’s knot free and takes paint well

Our Superior Shutter Range is made from Poplar wood which is slightly more durable wood and the central core of the shutter panels is engineered with a transverse ply to provide extra strength. This extra durability comes into its own when the product is stained rather than painted as some of the premium range’s durability is provided by hardeners in the paint. This range is also dimensionally stable and designed not to twist or warp, so it’s very hard-wearing. 

How long do wooden shutters last?

The lifespan of wooden shutters will depend on factors such as the timber they’re made from and where they’re installed. That being said, typically, wooden shutters will last for somewhere between one and two decades, and they are designed to stand the test of time. 

Both of the shutter ranges mentioned above come with a five-year manufacturer-backed warranty too. So, you can have peace of mind knowing that if anything happens to your shutters post-installation, they will be repaired or replaced for you during this time. 

Do wooden shutters require regular maintenance?

Generally speaking, wooden shutters don’t require much maintenance and you won’t have to pay for ongoing maintenance expenses. Unlike fabric-based window coverings that usually get damp with condensation during the autumn and winter months, you won’t have to professionally clean your wooden shutters either and it’s really easy to keep them in tip-top condition. The company that supplies and installs your shutters will be able to provide you with any maintenance information you need to keep your wooden shutters looking their best. 

How do you clean wooden shutters?

It is really straightforward to keep your plantation shutters clean and wooden shutters often only need a quick wipe down to improve their appearance. One of the best ways to remove dust, dirt and debris from your window shutters is to run a soft cloth or feather duster in between the open louvres. You can sometimes use a special hoover to clean your shutters too, but you need to be careful when doing so to prevent any damage. 

If something gets spilt on your wooden shutters, you can often use a damp cloth to wipe them down. For particularly stubborn stains a baby wipe is normally good. In general, we do not recommend cleaning materials as the paint has UV inhibitors to prevent fading and harsh chemicals can impact this. Again, a shutter company can advise on which cleaning products are best to use on your specific wooden shutters to prevent them from being damaged or discoloured. 

Investing in wooden shutters in Surrey and Hampshire

When you want to upgrade the window coverings throughout your home and install wooden shutters in Hampshire or Surrey, our experts at The Great Shutter Co. are the best people to contact. We supply a huge range of plantation shutters and all of our window shutters are manufactured to our customers’ exact specifications, ensuring they are perfect for their homes. 

You can turn to us in confidence knowing that all of our fitters are fully trained too and we don’t use sub-contractors. We are passionate about exceeding our customers’ expectations from start to finish and we invite you to read some of our testimonials to get a feel for what it’s like to work with us. Get in touch with our team today to discuss wooden shutters in more detail.