The Perfect Fit Shutter Range

The Perfect Fit Shutter Range is a UPVC shutter that fits directly to the window or door. Limited to 2 colours and one louvre size (64mm) this entry level shutter has some cons and pros.

As the shutter is fixed to the door or window your shading moves with the door or window, which means you do not get the same level of shading when your doors or windows are open. The frame of the shutter also overlaps part of the window and door glass and this in turns means less light. The 64mm louvre also does not let in as much light as our most popular 76mm louvre. In addition you need a tilt rod on these shutters which means that you cannot get the clean look that most people prefer with our hidden tilt option.

On the plus side we do find these shutters are great for patio doors and inward {tooltip}opening doors,{end-texte} Perfect-Fit-Shutter-Lite-French Door Shutters - The Great Shutter Co.{end-tooltip} and windows. The small cutout design to accommodate the door handle means you let in more light. Perfect fit shutters are especially good for narrow patio doors.

These shutters comes with a 5 year manufacturer backed warranty.



We have listed the basic specification that is available in the Perfect Fit Shutter Range, but are able to provide further information should it be required. Please feel free to call, there is no obligation to book one of our free surveys.

Panel Design Tilt Rod – centre or offset
Frames Standard or with handle cut-out
Louvre Sizes 64mm
Tilt Rods Standard Traditional Tilt (centre or offset)
Colours 2 Paint colours
Custom Colour  Not Available
Shutter Types Full Height only


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