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The client chose full height shutters for their bay window with a 76mm slat. The 76mm slat is seen as a more contemporary size slat but it works incredibly well here with the décor. By having a mid-rail, which mirrored the cross over on their sash windows, the customer was able to control privacy and light which was important as this house was on street. The ability to adjust your bottom louvers independently from the top section is one of they key advantages of shutters.


For one of the children’s bedrooms the client selected our victorian window shutters with integrated blackout blind. This shutter has a special frame with a side channel down which the blackout blind runs ensuring no light bleeds around the side. The blackout blinds are duette blinds, which have the advantage that they concertina to a very slim profile which means that during the day when the blind is in the up position it is totally hidden from view. Please note that this style of shutter needs a deeper frame so having a deeper window recess is of an advantage.