Using Wooden Shutter Doors On Your Wardrobes

Whilst shutters are commonly associated with windows, they are actually incredibly versatile and can be used throughout the home in different ways. It isn’t uncommon for homeowners to install made-to-measure shutters as cupboard and wardrobe doors or even sliding doors, and they are the perfect addition to any interior design.

If you’ve never really considered using plantation shutters in your dressing room or walk-in-wardrobe before and you’re intrigued to learn more about wardrobe door shutters, in particular, keep reading today. Below we have looked into the different types of shutter doors you can purchase and the benefits associated with this unique alternative to traditional sliding or hinged wardrobe doors.

What Wooden Shutter Doors Can You Have on Your Wardrobes?

When you’re wanting to install wooden shutter doors on your wardrobes, you can choose between; hinged doors, bifold doors or sliding doors. Each of these options has its own unique advantages, for example; sliding doors are a brilliant space-saving solution and they’re incredibly convenient to open and close when you need to get things out of your wardrobe.

All of these types of wooden shutter doors can also be made with solid panels and/or louvred sections. Depending on your individual requirements and preferences you can mix and match these designs to create doors that are perfect for your dressing room.

Wooden shutter doors are available in a range of different colours too, so you won’t struggle to find something that perfectly complements your interior design and the rest of your furniture. With custom colour options as well where the doors can be colour matched to any of the countries leading paint manufacturers, they won’t look out of place once installed.

What Are The Benefits of Having Wooden Shutter Doors?

No matter which type of wooden shutter doors you choose for your wardrobes, there are a number of benefits to this unique style of door, some of the most notable being;

1. Give Your Clothes a Chance to Breathe

When wooden shutter doors feature louvred sections, they will enable air to circulate around your wardrobe. Allowing your clothes to breathe will help to keep them in good condition and circulating air can also help to prevent the common musty smell in wardrobes. You will be able to angle the louvres on your door shutters too, showing off as much or as little of the contents of your wardrobe as you’d like and letting air into this closed space.

2. Upgrade The Appearance of Your Wardrobe

The overall appearance of wooden shutter doors is more visually interesting than standard solid doors and these doors will add personality to your wardrobe design. Whilst shutter doors make a design statement, they work surprisingly well in any style of bedroom, from a minimalist Scandinavian style bedroom to a lively Bohemian style bedroom. Depending on the colour you choose, wooden shutter doors can either blend in or stand out as well.

3. Affordable Alternative to Built-in Solutions

It is really easy to achieve a fitted look when you opt for wooden shutter doors and you can save money by creating a built-in wardrobe yourself. Simply purchasing wardrobe innards from a reputable supplier and pairing them with bespoke shutter doors enables you to create a convenient storage solution that meets all of your needs and also looks elegant. You can trust that these high-quality doors will be durable and stand the test of time too.

Designing Bespoke Wooden Shutter Doors

All in all, it is fair to say that using traditional shutters in a modern way is incredibly beneficial and it is definitely worthwhile looking into wooden shutter doors in more detail. Whether you’re wanting to create doors for your wardrobe, a cupboard or just as a partition between two rooms, they are a brilliant alternative to classic designs and they will work really well no matter what style of property you live in.

To find out more about wooden shutter doors, be sure to visit The Great Shutter Co. website today. We specialise in shutters and we have a brilliant selection of shutters ranges to explore with materials and colours to suit varying tastes and budgets. If you have any questions at all regarding designing wardrobe door shutters for your home, feel free to contact our team. They will gladly provide you with the impartial advice and guidance that you need and help you to find the right solution for your individual needs. We look forward to hearing from you.