Why So Many Homeowners Are Swapping Their Curtains For Shutters

When furnishing any room in your home, you will likely start to browse the market for beautiful curtains to drape your windows with. Curtains have been an undeniably popular window covering for centuries and for many, they will be the first solution that springs to mind when wanting to improve privacy or keep the sun’s glare out of a room. However, there is another window solution that is becoming increasingly popular amongst homeowners; shutters.

These days, it is much more common for homeowners who are wanting to upgrade their interior design and refurnish their home to install window shutters instead of new curtains and there really are several benefits to doing so. If you have never really considered installing shutters before and you’re wondering why so many homeowners are drawn to them, below is a list of reasons why shutters are quickly becoming the most sought after window solution.

Elegant and aesthetically pleasing

Plantation shutters are simplistic and minimalistic in design, and they really can suit any type and style of property. Once installed, you can trust that window shutters will help to transform every room in your home and create the look and feel that you were hoping for. Of course, you always have the option to have both shutters and curtains if you’d like to, and they really are a timeless combination that easily complement one another.

Durable and incredibly easy to maintain

Over time your curtains will likely start to get a bit tatty and look worse for wear, and you will likely have to take them down and wash them in an attempt to restore them. When you opt for window shutters, not only can you trust that they will look amazing for decades, some even come with a 25-year guarantee, but they are also very straightforward to keep clean too. Simply wipe the dust off them and they will look as good as they did when they were first installed.

Keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer

Window shutters can help to make all spaces in your home the perfect temperature too which is usefully all year round. You can angle the louvres to allow the winter sun to naturally warm your rooms on a cold day and you can close the louvres to keep your room nice and cool during the warmer months or angle the louvres to reflect the sun’s heat outwards. These shutters will make a big difference to the comfort of your home, no matter what the weather is like.

Available in a vast range of designs and colours

There are numerous different types of window shutters and companies have several different shutter ranges for you to choose from too. On the whole, plantation shutters are much more versatile than people realise and the perfect shutters do exist for every single room. From MDF and white teak shutters to basswood and vinyl shutters, not to mention a huge range of colours and finishes, you will never struggle to find something that meets all of your needs.

Much more convenient to open and close

The fact that you can install remote control shutters makes them incredibly appealing to homeowners and long are the days of having to pull your curtains back with ties every day. You can control your window shutters via your smartphone and open and close them with ease. It is even possible to pre-programme them to open and close at specific times or to tilt the louvres to certain angles at different times of day, so they will always be perfectly positioned.


All in all, it goes without saying that if you’re considering upgrading your curtains to modern shutters, then it is undoubtedly worthwhile doing. It is easy to see why so many homeowners are getting shutters fitted these days and the numerous benefits associated with doing so are difficult to ignore. You can guarantee that this is one home improvement that is always worthwhile investing in.

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