Why Plantation Shutter Blinds Are Perfect For Conservatories

Lots of properties here in the UK will feature a conservatory and these glass structures are arguably one of the most popular types of extensions. Having an additional space to use as another living room, a dining room, a home office or however else you’d like is really beneficial and it is no surprise that they are such a common sight these days.

When working on the interior design of their conservatory, lots of homeowners will contemplate whether they really need a window covering and some will consider simply leaving their conservatory bare. However, this isn’t the best solution available and you can almost guarantee that installing plantation shutter blinds is a much better option for this particular space. If you haven’t thought about using interior shutters before, below are some of the main reasons why they’re such a great solution for conservatories.

Shutters can be used on the windows, doors and roof

Not only can you install shutters on the windows in your conservatory, but you can also install them on the doors in this space too, whether they’re mounted onto French doors or tracked in front of bi-fold or sliding doors. Not to mention, you can install them on the roof windows as well and they can be shaped to fit perfectly and stay safely in place whatever the pitch may be. Shutters make it so easy to create a flawless uniform look and feel in your conservatory.

Shutters allow you to control the conservatory temperature

Conservatories are known for being boiling hot in the summer and freezing cold in the winter, but plantation shutter blinds can help you to keep your conservatory at the perfect temperature all year round. Not only are they effective insulators, but you can angle the louvres in a way that helps you to either heat or cool the room. You will likely end up using your conservatory space more frequently when it’s much more comfortable thanks to the shutters.

Shutters provide increased brightness control

In addition to having better control over the temperature in the conservatory, you will also have more control over the light and brightness levels too. When the shutters are closed, you won’t get any light bleed around the edges and when they’re open, they will allow plenty of natural light to flood into the space. Being able to angle the louvres will help to prevent common problems like the UV rays from the sun damaging and fading your furniture too.

Shutters will greatly improve your privacy

Being able to angle the louvres of the shutters will also help to make your conservatory much more private. If your garden is overlooked by neighbouring properties, installing shutters on the windows, doors and roof will enable you to enjoy both the natural light and the view of your garden without having to worry about people being able to look into your conservatory space. Plantation shutter blinds allow you to control privacy like no other window covering.

Shutters are incredibly versatile in design

There are so many different shutter styles and shutter ranges on the market that it is really easy to design plantation shutter blinds that will perfectly complement your property and your interior design. From cafe style shutters to tier on tier shutters, MDF shutters to premium wood shutters and coloured shutters to natural shutters, there is the perfect combination for every conservatory, and you’ll never have to compromise on the appearance of this window dressing.

Shutters are great for awkward spaces

Having shaped panels in your roof or a gable end in your conservatory can be tricky but because shutters can be made to nearly any special shape we can normally find a solution for you that will really make a statement.


Ultimately, it is fair to say that plantation shutter blinds are perfect for conservatories and they will be a fantastic addition to your home. Installing shutters, no matter which type you choose, is a much better solution to leaving the windows in this space bare and made-to-measure solutions are undeniably one of the best window dressing options available. No matter what your preferences may be, you won’t struggle to find the right shutters for your conservatory.

When wanting to go ahead and install conservatory shutters, be sure to visit The Great Shutter Co. website. We offer a huge range of top-quality plantation shutter blinds and we have materials and styles to suit varying budgets. Our experienced team will gladly provide you with some free and impartial advice to help you find the best solution for your conservatory too and you can rely on us to assist you with everything from design through to installation. If you have any questions at all regarding our quality shutters, feel free to contact us today.