Why Choose Us? – The Great Shutter Co.

The bigger the company, the more difficult it becomes to control. We are a small, independent company specialising in window shutters. That’s right, there are only two of us on the selling and fitting side. We have worked out that we have fitted some £6m worth of shutters and blinds in the last 8 years and Mike, the owner, has fitted over £1.2m of shutters alone.

When we come and show you our brochure, we are showing you what we have fitted. Not what a franchisee has fitted in Northampton or stock photos from a shutter company in Sweden. We’re based in Winchester but cover areas across Hampshire, Surrey and Dorset.

That translates directly into the survey. Because we fit what we sell, there is no need for a surveyor to come around once the sales person has done their job. When we carry out a home design consultation we do so with our fitter’s hat on. No hard sell.

It goes without saying that our home visit is free of charge and without obligation. Most nationals have commission only sales people and so naturally you can expect the sales process to be a little different.

The problem with larger companies is that you simply don’t know how experienced the sales person or fitter is. With many independents they sub-contract the fitting. We don’t for obvious reasons.

If you want more in depth overview of our installs why not visit our Houzz profile. Here you can see customer installs in a bit more detail and also see a few reviews from those customers.

Finally, we also recognise that you may not want a shutter on every window. Well we also fit a lot of blinds and so if you are looking for remote control blinds, venetians, romans, perfect fit, plisse or any other types of blind and don’t necessarily want two companies to come in and fit we are a great choice