Why Cafe Shutters Are Popular?

Homeowners are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits associated with plantation shutters and many are choosing them over any other type of window coverings. Nowadays, there is such a huge range of different types of shutters to choose from too, making it easier than ever before to find the perfect style for your home.

One particular type of shutter that is a popular choice amongst homeowners is a cafe shutter. As the name suggests, cafe style shutters have been used in hospitality environments for many years, but they have now become sought-after in the residential sector too. This shutter style can look amazing in the windows of various types of properties and cafe shutters are worth considering when you’re wanting to install plantation shutters, for reasons such as;

They Don’t Cover The Full Height of The Window

Unlike lots of other shutter styles, cafe styles only cover a portion of the window. Commonly, they are designed to cover the bottom half of the window, however, they can be designed to a bespoke height as well, covering slightly more of the window.

Having plantation shutters that don’t cover the full height of the window allow lots of natural light to flood into your room whilst still providing you with the privacy you require. Cafe shutters also enable you to enjoy the view from your windows without having to worry about passersby being able to look into your home through your windows.

They Are Fully Customisable

In addition to being able to customise the height of your cafe shutters to meet your needs in terms of both privacy and design, you also have control over a number of other design elements too. From the shutter material to the shutter colour, you can ensure that the final design perfectly compliments your interior design. Of course, cafe shutters will be made-to-measure too, so you can trust that they will perfectly fit the shape and size of your windows.

They Work Well Alongside Curtains

Some homeowners will choose to have more than one window covering on their windows, for both interior design and light control purposes, and cafe shutters pair really well with curtains. This type of shutter is aesthetically pleasing when installed independently and when combined with curtains, and it is easy to find a solution that works well for every room in your home. Creating a pairing that makes a real design statement is very easy to do as well.

They Can be More Affordable

When compared to other types of shutters, such as full height shutters, cafe shutters will be more affordable. If you’re wanting to reap the benefits of shutters but you’re restricted by budget, this is a brilliant shutter style to explore.

That being said, it is important to note that cost-saving shouldn’t be your primary reason for choosing cafe shutters. Once installed, you can’t simply add a second set of shutters above your cafe shutters to turn them into tier on tier shutters and changing cafe shutters to a full window design can be quite costly. If you are looking at bedrooms by the time you have paid for an additional window covering to cover the top half of the window you may as well have purchased full height shutters.

Installing Cafe Shutters in Your Home

All in all, it is easy to see why cafe shutters are popular amongst homeowners these days and there are a number of advantages to this particular type of shutter. If you’re interested in installing cafe shutters in your home or you would like to find out more about this shutter style, don’t hesitate to contact us here at The Great Shutter Co. today.

We supply a brilliant selection of plantation shutters and this is inclusive of various shutter types. Regardless of whether you opt for cafe shutters or another style, we will have lots of different ranges and materials available for you to choose from, and we pride ourselves on being able to meet the varying needs of our clients. You can turn to us for plantation shutters in confidence knowing that we only supply high-quality shutters and they are backed up by a great service too. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you to transform your home with shutters that are perfect for your individual needs.