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What Makes Plantation Shutters A Popular Choice For Bay Window

It isn’t uncommon for both older properties and contemporary properties to have bay windows, or bow windows, and they are a brilliant feature in any home. Bay windows don’t just allow plenty of natural light to flood into your home, but they even provide you with additional floor space too and many homeowners are surprised by just how much of a difference a simple bay window can make to the look and feel of their interior.

One thing that lots of homeowners tend to struggle with when they first move into a home with bay windows is how to dress them. Often, curtains aren’t a suitable solution and they can be too bulky for these elegant windows, and some will end up leaving them uncovered because they don’t know what other solution to try. Of course, this isn’t always convenient, especially if the bay window is street-facing.

Thankfully, plantation shutters are always a brilliant option for bay windows and they can look amazing whether you live in a period or modern property. Below are a few of the reasons why simple wooden shutters are a popular choice for this type of window.


It is very common for bay windows to be at the front of a property, often in a living room, and by installing plantation shutters, you will have much more privacy. The louvres of plantation shutters, whatever angle they’re at, will prevent passersby from easily being able to look into your home and there is no other window covering that provides this much control over privacy.


Installing plantation shutters on your bay windows will also provide you with more light control too and by simply operating the louvres you can flood your home with natural light or keep the sunshine at bay. The control you have over the light will also help you to control the temperature in your home as well and your big bay window won’t cause the room to be too hot or too cold depending on the time of year.


Unlike curtains and other window dressings that can act as dividers and cut your room into sections, plantation shutters will naturally follow the lines of the bay window. Whether you install full height shutters or tier on tier shutters, they can make your room look more spacious and have a more open feel.


Bay windows are such a striking feature and plantation shutters can complement the multiple sections that make up your bay rather than overpower the traditional window design. The simplistic appearance of shutters will help you achieve a harmonious look in your room and they are a classic style that will never go out of fashion. With lots of designs to choose from, plantation shutters can match any interior too.


On the whole, plantation shutters for bay windows are really easy to use and you may find that you don’t even need to change the angle of the louvres very often. Long are the days of having to pull curtains back with ties every morning, shutters won’t require much attention. They are also incredibly easy to keep looking their best and they are arguably one of the lowest maintenance window coverings available.


Of course, your bay window doesn’t just impact the look of your home’s interior, it plays a big role in the design of your home’s exterior too. When you install plantation shutters on your bay windows, they will look just as amazing from the outside as they do the inside and they can add so much to your home’s facade. They always make an appealing design statement.


All in all, there really is no denying that if you’re struggling to find a window dressing that works well with your bay windows then plantation shutters are definitely worth exploring. With so many different shutter styles, colours, materials and finishes to choose from, you can guarantee that you will easily be able to find a solution that isn’t just perfect for your windows, but that also complements your interior design too.

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