What Are Tier-On-Tier Shutters And Why Are They So Popular?

When deciding which window shutters to install throughout your home, you will have several shutter types to explore and most commonly, people will either choose full-height shutters or tier-on-tier shutters. Each of these shutter styles has its own unique advantages and is ideal in different scenarios, so it’s worthwhile considering both for your home. Full height shutters are by far the most popular type of shutter installation but that being said tier-on-tier style shutters are appropriate in the right type of window.

If you’ve never heard of tier-on-tier shutters and you’re wondering whether they’re a good choice for your home, keep reading today. Below we have looked into this type of shutter in more detail and listed some of its biggest benefits. 

What are tier-on-tier shutters?

Tier-on-tier shutters are essentially split in half. Unlike full-height shutters that cover the whole window with one shutter panel, they are made up of two panels that sit on top of one another. These panels can be operated individually and not only can the louvres in each panel be tilted to different angles, but the panels can be opened and closed at different times too. 

These plantation shutters are also sometimes referred to as double-hung shutters and they are very visually appealing. Whether you have a traditional townhouse or a modern new build, tier-on-tier shutters can work well alongside your preferred aesthetic. In general, you will want your windows to be tall as tier-on-tier shutters can actually take out more light due to the large rails that will be present in the centre of your shutter design.

Why is this type of shutter so popular?

Whether you’re installing window shutters in your living room, bedroom or kitchen, tier-on-tier shutters are a great choice for reasons such as; 

Increased control over light 

Since you can operate each shutter panel individually, tier-on-tier shutters provide you with more control over natural light only if the top half is folded out of the way. If you have any doubt about whether you will do this on a daily basis you should consider full height shutters as this will actually provide you with more light as you remove the need for rails in the centre of your shutter design.

Additional privacy

As touched on above, you can open the top panels and keep the bottom panels closed when you have tier-on-tier shutters, providing you with the best of both worlds. You won’t have to compromise on light to maintain your privacy and you can easily ensure that your home is flooded with natural light. Think of tier-on-tier shutters as a stable door, you can operate each half as you please to meet your specific needs. 

Versatile in design 

Similarly to other plantation shutters, tier-on-tier shutters are available in a range of materials, colours and finishes, and you can design the perfect solution for each room in your home. Tier-on-tier shutters are made to measure for your windows too and you can trust they will fit the space perfectly, preventing the light bleed you get with other window dressings. 

If you have very tall windows, you even have the option to put mid-rails into the upper and lower panels, splitting each of them into two. Another option to consider if you’d like to split your shutter panels into two separate sections is adding a split tilt and both of these solutions will enable you to operate the new sections in each panel individually. So, you will have several options to explore in terms of light control and design features. 

Installing tier-on-tier shutters in Alton and Romsey

To find out more about the different types of shutters on the market, explore the rest of The Great Shutter Co. website today. We offer a wide range of plantation shutter styles to suit varying needs and budgets, and our experienced team can provide you with the impartial advice you need to help you decide which window shutters are best for your home. 

For over two decades now we have been supplying and installing tier-on-tier shutters from Alton to Romsey, and the surrounding areas, and we have seen first-hand how they can transform different properties. We have a real passion for plantation shutters and our specialist team will work closely with you to create a solution that is stylish, practical and suits your home. We can assure you that you won’t be disappointed with the beautifully crafted shutters we provide.