The Best Places to Install Blackout Shutters in Your Home

The windows throughout your home are essential to filling your living spaces with natural light and they connect your home to the outside world. Whether you have traditional casement windows or unique arched windows, they can help to make your rooms feel more spacious too and bring fresh air into your home. 

One of the only downsides to having beautiful, large windows in your home is how difficult it can be to find window dressings that effectively block light. It isn’t uncommon for light bleed to be a problem when you install curtains or blinds and you won’t have the level of light control you need. Fortunately, this is where plantation shutters excel. When compared to other window coverings, shutters provide good blackout and there is very little light bleed. 

If light control is a top priority, you can even install blackout shutters that feature integrated honeycomb blinds and this solution is ideal for various rooms in the home. Below we have looked into blackout plantation shutters in more detail. 

How do Shutters with Integrated Blackout Blinds Work?

Since the frame of a shutter is fixed to the window recess, you don’t get light bleed around the edge of the shutter like you do with blinds and curtains. However, natural light can glow through the shutters where the louvres meet and it can be difficult to completely prevent chinks of light from coming into your home. Blackout shutters are designed to overcome this problem. 

When made with an integrated blackout blind, the shutter frame is slightly bigger than normal and it features a specifically designed channel. A honeycomb blind is installed to sit behind the fixed top rail when open and it will run down the channel when closed. The unique design of this window shutter helps to ensure that light bleed is kept to an absolute minimum when both the blind and shutters are closed, even when the sun is shining outside. 

Can my Blackout Shutters be Motorised?

We are able to motorise your blackout shutter meaning you can lower and raise the blind by simply using your remote control. No need to get out of bed on that lazy Saturday morning – just press the button and off you go.

For extra large windows (up to 2m wide) we also have the option of an integrated roller blind allowing a single motorised blind to cover the window.

Where Should You Install Blackout Shutters?

Blackout shutters can be beneficial in any room where light reduction is important. However, there are a few rooms where this type of shutter is particularly beneficial; 

  • Master Bedroom 

Shutters with integrated blackout blinds can help you to get a good night’s sleep. By effectively blocking out external light, these shutters create a pitch-black environment which helps to improve sleep quality. If you are sensitive to light or live in an area with lots of street lighting, blackout shutters can be particularly useful. Similarly, if you work night shifts and need to sleep during the day then they’re very beneficial. High-quality shutters can turn your bedroom into a peaceful sanctuary that you enjoy spending time in. 

  • Children’s Nursery 

Installing blackout shutters in a nursery is beneficial for both babies and parents alike. These shutters will help to create a soothing sleep environment for your little one and prevent them from being disturbed by natural light. When you’re trying to get your baby into a good sleep routine, the level of blackout that this shutter solution provides will help them to sleep peacefully during the day despite the bright sunlight outside. Window shutters provide additional privacy too and can help to prevent outside distractions during naptime. 

  • Cinema Room 

When you’re designing a cinema room for your home, shutters with integrated blackout blinds are a smart investment. These convenient blackout solutions offer complete light control and will effectively block out any natural light. If you’re watching films during the day, shutters will help to prevent glare on the TV screen too, enhancing the contrast and clarity of the visuals. Being able to create a dark environment will provide you with a true cinematic experience and you can fully immerse yourself in the story on the screen. 

Installing Shutters with Integrated Blackout Blinds

If you want to significantly reduce the amount of natural light in your home, blackout shutters are a great option to explore. Whether you install these shutters on windows or doors, or both, you can reap the benefits of having a pitch-black environment. There is no denying that shutters with integrated blackout blinds are particularly beneficial in the rooms mentioned above.

Should you be interested in installing blackout shutters in Andover, get in touch with us at The Great Shutter Co. We have over two decades of experience working with plantation shutters and can help you to design the perfect window coverings for your home. Our team will gladly arrange a home consultation for you and we can bring a selection of samples to your property, helping you to visualise your new shutters. If you have any questions at all, feel free to get in touch with us today. Our experts are always happy to help.