The Benefits Of Blackout Shutters And Blinds

The benefits of blackout shutters extend beyond being amazing at blocking out light.

The fact that the shutter frame is fixed to your window reveal means that unlike most blinds you have none of that light bleed around the edges of the blind (and by the way it’s also one of the reasons that shutters are such effective insulators) and so in general the room is much darker.

We do understand that for some of our customers sensitivity to light ingress can be a problem such as light sleepers, shift workers, people living close to bright street lights, and those with younger children who want to ensure that their little ones get a full night’s sleep especially when the days are longer in Spring and Summer time.

The solution here is a blackout window shutter which has an integrated honeycomb blackout blind sitting behind the wooden frame and slides down within a channel allowing none of the light to bleed through.

The photo shown is from the nursery of our owner’s son who had this blackout shutter from birth and still benefits from it now at the grand old age of 9!

Safety First – Children & nurseries – please note that although the honeycomb blind has a cord it has a break away cord consolidator and meets UK legislation.


We have installed numerous integrated blackout shutters for professionals within the emergency services who need the blackout product to allow them to adapt to changing shift patterns and need to be able to get to sleep quickly despite their body clock disruption.

Being in very dark surroundings, stimulates the body (pineal gland) to produce melatonin, a hormone that creates initially a drowsy feeling as the light in the room starts to decrease and enhances the length and quality of sleep.


Some people who live close to bright street lights also have an increased need for blackout blinds and shutters as despite having a decent window covering the light bleed from the street is simply too great. This is a problem on the increase with the shift to very bright LED street lighting now becoming more mainstream.


Now for a different issue – a nice problem to have. When you are lucky enough to have home cinema and want to achieve complete blackout we can help you. We have installed our honeycomb integrated blackout shutters for these types of rooms for numerous customers, but we have also installed remote control roller blinds behind shutters which can create a sleeker higher tech feel for this type of environment.

We have added aluminium side channels within the window recess and the remote roller blinds run into this channel creating the ultimate blackout.

In 2021 we also added the ability to control your integrated honeycombe blinds via remote control for the ultimate bespoke solution.


OK, so we haven’t really done any work for Dracula but you never know.

And, of course, just those customers who really need a dark room to sleep at any time of year.

Take a look at the product closer up


Is ultra slim – when the blind is in the up position the fabric stack is so small that its hidden behind the top rail of the shutter panel and so is not visible through the open louvres during the day.


The honeycomb blind was originally developed for conservatory roofs and was designed to keep the conservatory cool during summer and warm during the winter. Double this up with the amazing insulating properties of shutters and your heating bills should tumble.


Front and Back – with 15 different colours to choose from you are spoilt for choice. The great thing is the blind colours are single sided leaving a uniform neutral colour street facing. Combine this with the 28 colours of painted shutters in our Winchester Range of shutters (link)and a huge array of stain finishes and you really are spoilt for choice.


Finally, it is worth saying that we fit window shutters in bedroom every day throughout Hampshire and we’ve yet to get a call from a customer post install asking us to add a room darkening blind post fit. Shutters are great at blocking out light and even more amazing at providing natural light as well as privacy. If, however light pollution is a concern for you, then consider ordering these fantastic room darkening shutters as we cannot add the room darkening blinds retrospectively as the frame used is a specialist frame.