Popular Window Shutter Colours

There are many advantages associated with installing window shutters, from increased privacy to improved light control, yet one of the biggest benefits of this particular window covering is that it’s so versatile in design. Nowadays, plantation shutters come in such a huge range of different styles and colours, and it is easier than ever before to find window shutter colours that perfectly complement both your interior and exterior design.

With so much choice, selecting the right colour for your window shutters isn’t always easy and there are a number of factors that will impact your decision in this regard. To help you narrow down your options and to give you some inspiration for your new plantation shutters, below we have listed some of the most popular window shutter colours and explored why they’re firm favourites amongst homeowners.

We always recommend that you look at potential colour choices from inside and outside the home as the tint of your windows will affect how the shutters look from the outside.

White And Neutral Coloured Shutters

It is fair to say that when it comes to window shutter colours, white is by far one of the most popular colours and for many homeowners, this will be their first choice. White is known for being a timeless colour that will instantly brighten a space and it will work well alongside any other colour schemes that are used in your home’s interior design.

In addition to white, many will opt for other neutral colours and this is an elegant, yet safe option that is suited to any style of property. Thankfully, plantation shutters are easy to keep clean, so you don’t need to avoid lighter colours in fear that they will easily get dirty and look tatty.

Black And Dark Coloured Shutters

Lots of homeowners are starting to install black aluminium windows and black crittall doors in their home and, for this reason, it is no surprise that black window shutter colours are popular too. Using a dark colour will add some contrast to your home’s overall design and black works particularly well at modern and contemporary properties.

Not only are black shutters suited to darker rooms in the home, like cinema rooms for example, but they also work well in any room that has black fittings and accessories. You can trust that darker colours will make a dramatic statement and give your home the ‘wow’ factor.

Just note that with darker colour any dents or chips are very noticeable and in our experience they show up dust and so need cleaning more regularly.

Please also note that they will not reflect light as much as lighter shade so are best on rooms with large or dual aspect windows.

Brown And Natural Window Shutter Colours

When wanting their window shutters to have more of a traditional appearance, many will choose a shade of brown to achieve a natural wooden colour. Some will even choose a stain rather than a painted colour when they’re installing wooden shutters on their windows and doors, and this is one of the best ways to keep a natural look.

Wood is being used more and more frequently in interior design and it helps to make a room feel warm and cosy. Natural brown plantation shutters will work really well at period and modern properties alike, and there are a number of different shades of stains available.

Pastel Coloured Shutters

Some homeowners will choose to make more of a design statement with their window shutters and they will opt for an accent colour that is unique to their style and taste. Although accent colours tend to be bright and bold, pastel colours are more popular for window shutters as these soft shades aren’t too overwhelming.

The most popular pastel colours include; pinks, blues, greens and yellows, and these are commonly used in rooms like the bathroom, kitchen and kid’s bedroom. Choosing pastel colours is a future-proof alternative to bright colours too when you’re wanting to bring life into a room.

Please note that these colours will incur a custom colour charge but we can match the most popular paint manufacturers if you supply the colour code.

Installing Window Shutters in Hampshire And Surrey

There is no denying that all of the different colours mentioned above are brilliant for plantation shutters and they’re all worth exploring when you’re choosing your new window shutter colours. If you’re interested in installing window shutters in Hampshire or Surrey, or the surrounding areas, be sure to contact us here at The Great Shutter Co. We supply and install a huge range of different types of shutters, all of which are made-to-measure.

When you purchase high-quality plantation shutters from us, we will bring colour samples to your home too, enabling you to see all of the different options in person and find the perfect solution for each and every space. We have the knowledge and experience required to help you diligently check the colours to ensure that you’re happy with your choice and that it will meet your needs both now and in the future. We even offer a custom colour service whereby we can match colours from major paint manufacturers too, so you won’t ever have to compromise.