How to Clean and Maintain Window Shutters

Instead of installing blinds and curtains throughout their homes, lots of people are choosing to invest in window shutters. This window covering can complement any interior style and it works well in both traditional and contemporary homes. Shutters are an attractive and versatile way to add style, privacy and light control to any window. Not to mention, they are extremely durable and can last for many years without needing to be replaced. 

When you invest in shutters for your home, it’s easy to keep them looking as good as the day they were installed. This window dressing is known for being low maintenance and when compared to other options, it’s a cost-effective choice for any room in the house. If you’re interested in using shutters to transform your home’s interior but you want to find out more about how to clean and maintain them first, keep reading today. 

Below we have covered the basics of keeping your window shutters looking their best. It’s important to note that shutters can be made from different materials though and certain cleaning requirements may be required depending on the shutter range you choose. The company that supplies and installs your shutters will be able to provide you with some tailored advice to help you take good care of your new shutters. 

Wipe Away any Debris

Like all the other surfaces in your home, the louvres of your plantation shutters will get dusty over time. In the summer, they can also get dirty from debris coming in through your open windows, so they will need occasional cleaning to keep them looking their best.

Thankfully, it’s really easy to remove dust and debris from your shutters and you can use a soft cloth or feather duster to clean them. Some hoovers also have delicate brush attachments that you can use to clean the louvres as well, making the job quick and easy. 

Remove any Spills and Stains

There is a chance that your window shutters will get grubby over time. If you have children or pets, then you may need to remove some spills and stains from the shutter frames and louvres. This is another straightforward job and high-quality window shutters are designed to withstand everyday wear and tear in busy homes. 

You can simply use a cloth and some warm, soapy water to clean your shutters and wipe down both sides of the louvres. Avoid using any harsh chemicals and cleaning products on your shutters as this can cause the colour to fade. A top tip for more stubborn stains is to use a baby wipe, this is a gentle but effective way to keep your window shutters looking their best. 

Waterproof shutters that are in frequent contact with water can also be cleaned with detergents but you should avoid products with bleach.

Tighten the Tension Screws

Sometimes, if you frequently open and close your louvres, the tension screws in your shutters can become loose. This will prevent the louvres from staying in the same place once you’ve adjusted them to a certain angle and this can be really frustrating. 

Often there is a quick fix for this and you can simply tighten the tension screws with a Phillips head screwdriver. Just be careful when doing so to ensure you don’t over-tighten them as this can result in your louvres becoming too stiff and increase the chance of them getting broken. Ideally, you should easily be able to tilt the louvres but they should also stay in place all day. 

Inspect the Shutter for Damage

Whenever you clean your window shutters, it’s beneficial to inspect them for any signs of wear or damage and check that the hinges and other hardware are in good working condition. Checking your plantation shutters regularly can help keep them looking their best and working as they should for years to come. If you notice any problems, call in an expert to help you fix your shutters to avoid further damage and potential costly replacements. Normally the shutter company will provide touch up paint – keep it in the man draw!

Looking for a Local Home Shutter Company?

Ultimately, it couldn’t be easier to keep your window shutters in good condition and they’re a great investment whenever you want to replace the window dressings throughout your home. If you’re trying to find a local home shutter company that can supply and install high-quality shutters, don’t hesitate to contact us at The Great Shutter Co today. 

We have over two decades of experience working with plantation shutters and we can help you to design the perfect shutters for your home. We pride ourselves on being a local, independent company that you can rely on to deliver a quality service from start to finish. Our expert team can provide you with any advice and guidance you need both pre and post installation, and we’re always happy to help in any way we can.