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How To Choose The Perfect Window Shutter Colours

Are you looking to redecorate? But not sure on a colour scheme? Or maybe you’re bored of beige curtains and want to find some bright and unqiue window shutters colours for your home.

Here at The Great Shutter Co, we provide colourful window shutters in Winchester and beyond. We have a vast range of coloured window shutters. For MDF shutters and vinyl shutters, there is a limited colour choice, but in all wooden shutters we have a choice of over 30 colours. Should you not find your dream colour on our chart, then we can match any colour from major paint manufacturers or we can also match to a swatch that you provide us. There is obviously an additional fee for this!

Shutters have a very long life expectancy so ideally go safe, go neutral with your fitted items such as shutters. But where you can go crazy, push the boat out and see what happens is paint colours, plus fabulous sofas and bright cushion accessories as recent customers have.

‘Best to regret what you have done and not what you haven’t done’…. as Paul Arden once said. OK, so not the best mantra in all areas of life, but it’s my favourite motto which I try to stick to where sensible! Better to stare at your crazy bright fuschia pink bathroom and think, ‘hmmm maybe the baby pink would have been more suitable’, than stare at your jasmine white bathroom and think, ‘oh maybe I should have gone for it.’ Be bold rather than safe, go for it!

The same could be said of a fantastic wallpaper, it’s so on trend, you have to be brave but it’ll definitely look amazing, even if just amazingly confident!… See some fab images at Ideal Home. And one from one of our customers in their bathroom too. A bright paper is also a great setting for a simple and plain white shutter to add a touch of class to your interior project.