If you have only ever dressed your windows with curtains or blinds, then the idea of choosing from our vast range of internal plantation shutters may seem daunting at first. We would recommend that you do two things: read through some of the ideas in this blog post, and others; and get on Pinterest! You’ll not only see ideas for using shutters on your windows but plenty of interior design inspiration, too.


There are a number of different styles of shutter that we offer, and once you throw in the different materials, that’s a lot of combinations to choose from. In this blog post we’ll look at three very different styles of shutter: Bay Window ShuttersCafé-Style Shutters, and Tier-on-Tier Shutters.

Bay window shutters

There are two different types of bay windows: splay bay, and box bay. Depending on which you have, you’ll need a different shutter. With splay bay windows in particular, you’ll find that many companies will push for you to have individual shutter sets – especially in houses where the bay posts do not meet the standard 135 degree angle. Provided that it is technically possible, we will always endeavour to provide a single shutter for your window.

We also always make certain that your bay window shutters look good externally, as well as internally, by ensuring the correct use of bay posts, and shutter materials.

Tier-on-tier shutters

The installation of tier-on-tier shutters means that you have a greater freedom of both light and privacy where it best suits the room. For example, tier-on-tier shutters are great for use in a bathroom as you can close the louvres on the lower panel, whilst controlling the light with upper panels.

They are also great for south-facing rooms, where you get lots of lovely sunshine, and also lots of glare on your TV!

Café-style shutters

These are similar to tier-on-tier, but should not be thought of as a cost-saving step towards installing a tier-on-tier shutter. With a café-style shutter you have panels on the lower half of the window – covering to your desired height – but no panels on the top. Should you decide that you want the top panels installing at a later date, it would mean a complete frame replacement.

However, if chosen for the right reasons, café-style shutters can give a beautiful continental feel to a building; ideal for street-facing large windows, or certain business fronts.


Shutters are an ideal choice for skylight windows; whereas a blind can be either open of closed, the adjustable louvres on a shutter enable better control of light. If you have a manufacturer’s code on your skylight window, you can even get a quote over the phone. Give us a call, and we’ll give you a quote for a skylight shutter, with or without remote control.


You know it makes sense! Perhaps your skylight shutter is hard to access, or perhaps you just want to be able to adjust your shutters from your favourite comfy chair.

Our remote controlled shutters are virtually silent, and you have the freedom to control individual banks of shutters, or to pre-programme your shutters to open, close, or angle at particular times of day or night.

We also offer a solar-powered option, meaning that the battery pack in your skylight shutter can charge during sunlit hours, saving you the battle with ladders when your battery runs out.

If you have any questions about which style of shutter would best suit your room, don’t hesitate to get in touch.