Enhancing your Bay Window with Plantation Shutters

Bay windows are a common feature in period properties throughout the UK and they are undeniably elegant. This type of window can help to increase natural light in a home and depending on the design, provide additional usable floor space. Both splay bay and box bay windows can be difficult to dress though and lots of homeowners don’t know where to start when it comes to these beautiful, striking windows. 

Instead of using curtains on your bay window, it’s beneficial to install plantation shutters. These shutters won’t just provide you with the privacy you need, but they can enhance the appearance of your window. Bay window shutters are incredibly versatile and they can be designed to meet your specific needs, so you know they will always be perfect for your window. Below we have explored some of the ways plantation shutters can complement your bay window. 

Show off the bay window 

Your bay window is such a striking feature and the last thing you want to do is hide it behind a window covering. Installing window shutters is a great way to show your window off whilst still preventing passersby from looking into your home and unlike curtains, plantation shutters will be fitted to your window frames so they won’t cover up the shape of your bay window. 

Commonly, bay windows are street-facing and understandably, having control over privacy and natural light is really important. Thankfully, bay window shutters provide you with the best of both worlds, they show off your windows and enable you to keep your home private. 

Perfectly fit each window section 

All bay window shutters are made-to-measure and they will be designed specifically for your windows. Plantation shutters will be created for each of the multiple sections that make up your bay window and this will help to achieve a harmonious look.

The line of your bay window will be replicated during the manufacturing process of your plantation shutters and then once installed, they will sit perfectly on your window frame. Even if you have a distinctive bay window with architectural posts, plantation shutters can still be designed to create an aesthetically pleasing overall look. 

Complement your interior and exterior design 

As mentioned above, plantation shutters are very versatile and there’s a huge range of shutters to choose from. From tier-on-tier shutters to full-height shutters, there are many shutter types available for bay windows. There are also several shutter materials, paints, stains and craft finishes to explore, so you can find the perfect combination for your home. 

It’s easy to design bay window shutters that don’t just look great from the inside, but also make a statement from the outside and you can ensure your windows look good from every angle. Whether you want a traditional design or something more modern, there’s a solution for you. 

Make the room look and feel bigger

Blocking off your bay window with bulky curtains can have a big impact on the look and feel of the entire room, and plantation shutters can help you to make the most of the extra space you have. By following the lines of the bay and sitting flush with the windows, the shutters will instantly make your room look more open and feel more spacious. 

Of course, light can also have an impact on the appearance of space and the control plantation shutters give you over natural light will be useful. Not only can you open and close the shutters, but you can also tilt the louvres to flood your home with sunlight. 

Designing bay window shutters in Hampshire

It’s fair to say that whenever you’re dressing a bay window, plantation shutters are an excellent choice and they are worth looking into in more detail. If you’d like to speak to a specialist company about installing bay window shutters in Hampshire, our team at The Great Shutter Co are the best people to get in touch with. 

We have many years of experience helping homeowners with the design and installation of bespoke shutters, and we are no stranger to designing shutters for uniquely shaped windows. Our shutter experts can help you show off the architectural features in your home with made-to-measure shutters and we know how to achieve the ‘wow’ factor. Feel free to explore our website to view some of our previous work on several different types of properties.