Choosing The Best Plantation Shutters To Buy

When you first decide that you would like to replace your current window coverings with plantation shutters, you might not necessarily be aware of just how many different shutter types and shutter ranges there are to choose from. There really is something for everyone on the shutter market, but navigating through all of the available options can be quite difficult.

Of course, all homeowners have unique requirements when it comes to plantation shutters and being aware of your individual needs and preferences will be really useful when trying to choose the best plantation shutters to buy. So, to help you start narrowing down your options, below we have put together a list of things to take into consideration when trying to decide which plantation shutters would be best for your home.

Where You’re Going to Install The Shutters?

It is always important to take into consideration where you’re going to be installing the best plantation shutters when choosing a style and range that is right for your home. It is likely that you will have different requirements for the different rooms in your home and some shutters may be more suitable than others for certain spaces. For example, ABS plastic shutters that are 100% waterproof are perfect for bathrooms, but there will likely be a better option for your dining room.

If you’re installing shutters in your kitchen or living room where you have both doors and windows to cover, consider whether you’d like to have shutters on both of these too.

How Much of Your Window You Would Like to Cover?

Generally speaking, many will assume all plantation shutters cover the whole window like full height shutters or tier on tier shutters. However, there are options available that won’t cover the whole of your windows and these can work really well in some circumstances.

When you’re thinking about how much of your window you would like to cover, remember to take into consideration things such as natural light and the view from your windows. You may find that a half window solution, like cafe shutters, works really well in your home. Quite often though on small windows where customers feel that a café style shutter might be a better solution the opposite is true. The fact that you will have the top of the shutter panel (called the rail) which is fixed right in the centre of your window blocking both the light and the view. Café style tends to work best on tall windows where there are already in effect two panes of glass and you cover the bottom pane but leave the top pane exposed.

If light is an issue you may consider having your shutters mounted in such a way that they can be folded flat against the wall leaving the window reveal free of any covering.

Which Colour You’d Like The Shutters to be?

Like any other window covering, when you’re installing best plantation shutters, you need to take into consideration the appearance of the shutters. There are a number of different colours and finishes to choose from and, again, you may find that your preferences in this regard will differ from one room to another.

The shutter style and shutter material you are interested in will also influence which colours and finishes are best to choose. It is always beneficial to view the colours and finishes in person too as they can sometimes look different depending on both natural and artificial light. If you want different shutter colours that is not an issue but we recommend that you keep to the same colour shutter on each aspect of the house so that you maximise kerb appeal.

How Much Privacy You Require?

Often, you will be able to buy plantation shutters in different louvre sizes. Many don’t realise just how much of a difference the louvre size can make to not only the amount of natural light in a room, but also the amount of privacy you get. It is beneficial to think about how much privacy you require when choosing between the different options available in this regard. Seeing a sample of the shutter panel and louvre sizes is a must. Of course, you can purchase solid shutters too and these can work well when total privacy is required.

Finding The Best Plantation Shutters For Your Home

By taking the time to consider everything mentioned above, you should find it slightly easier to navigate the minefield of shutters. Here at The Great Shutter Co., we can also help you to choose the best plantation shutters to buy. We will happily provide you with some free and impartial advice, ensuring you find the right solution for your needs and budget.

When you turn to us for your plantation shutters, whether these are window shutters or door shutters, we can bring the showroom to you. You can browse through the range of products that we stock in the comfort of your home and see for yourself what they will look like in the space you’re wanting to install new shutters in. What’s more, in addition to supplying high-quality shutters, we also provide a truly local survey, measure and fit service with a personal touch. You can rest assured that you will be in the best hands with our shutter experts.