A New And Exciting Traditional Style Home In Winchester

Hampshire, and in particular the amazing little city of Winchester is benefitting from property developers building new homes in a traditional / period style, in keeping with the existing local buildings. Developers such as Alfred Homes, Doswell Projects and Drew Smith are all excellent examples of building luxury new homes that look just right in the area they are built in.

The home we are showcasing here is an Alfred Homes property just outside of Winchester, which was built a couple of years ago. The owners wanting to keep the style very classic to suit their home, however with clean, contemporary lines, They so decided that a premium plantation wooden shutter design was the optimal solution for them. Seeking a simple uniform look on the exterior of their lovely home is something that wooden shutters are so good at achieving.


The new owners consulted with The Great Shutter Co. to come up with the perfect shutter design for their home, carefully selecting the right louvre (slat) sizes, colour and configuration to follow the lines of the windows. In this case, the louvre size was 76mm with hidden tilt rods. This provided a wonderfully classic but contemporary feel, with amazing amounts of light able to pour in through the louvres when in the open position. The hidden tilt rods mean there is no vertical bar on the front of the shutters as the tilt mechanism is hidden away inside the panel.

The next photo shows just how effective white (there are many different shades of white available) plantation wooden shutters are at bouncing lots of light into the room and creating beautiful shadows on glorious, sunny days. Take a look…….


The picture also shows how the wooden shutters were configured expertly to match the lines of the windows to give the cleanest possible look from both inside and outside as well as giving the homeowner the maximum functionality and choice of how the wooden shutters could be used.


The benefit of the mid-rail as shown above is that it provides stability to the shutter panels, as well as giving the owner the option of tilting louvres at different angles top and bottom. See picture below which illustrates this.

That’s a great benefit, as when a little more privacy or darkness is required, it’s so easily achieved by a simple tilt of the louvres. Perfect for watching TV on a sunny day, or wanting to read a book or preventing unwanted attention from outside.

We also decided that for these gorgeous box bay windows which had a lovely deep window reveal, and as the owners home has relative privacy on a quiet development outside of the city of Winchester, that a bi-folding configuration would be idea, allowing all of the wooden shutter panels to be folded right back out of the way for cleaning and opening the windows or just to have the shutters open for the hell of it.


The colour that the customer chose was a Silk White colour which is a couple of shades less bright than the Pure White. This works really well with the colours in their rooms, as well as the colour of the window frames from the exterior of the property. This colour creates a bright but soft feel.


In the office of this gorgeous Hampshire home, the shutters close at the bottom, helping to prevent distraction from outside whilst trying to work, but still letting plenty of light in.

Upstairs in the bedrooms, the owners decided to make sleep their number 1 priority, and installed our fantastic wooden shutters with integrated blackout honeycomb blinds that block out 99% of light.

The blackout honeycomb blind sits behind the shutter and has a channel that the blind sits within at the sides, this prevents any light bleed. That coupled with the shutter itself having a frame through which no light can escape through, really gives the ultimate level of darkness in bedrooms, or home cinema rooms.

Have a look at our video on room darkening blinds to see how the system works.

The honeycomb blind itself comes in a wide range of colours, so can matched to suit your décor perfectly. The 3 pictures below were taken within a couple of minutes of each other on the same sunny day, so can show how effective these room darkening shutters are.

Wherever you are in Hampshire, we can show you how wooden shutters could work in your home. We also supply all blind types both motorised and non-motorised and available in an enormous choice of fabrics.

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