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The Alton Shutter Range is a composite range that is available in a selection of 28 contemporary colours. Manufactured from MDF with lightweight ABS louvres it is hard to differentiate this range from a painted wooden shutter.


In general value ranges have a limited selection of colours available but this is not the case with the Alton Shutter Range which offers a range of contemporary colours whilst maintaining a great price. The fact that these shutters have a painted finish despite being manufactured from a mixture of MDF and ABS provides a real natural finish to the shutter frame and panels. The fact that ABS is used for the louvres reduces the weight and means that the shutters panels can be manufactured in a slightly wider width than in other materials.


If you are looking for extra information on the key specification options available in the Alton Shutter Range please do get in touch with The Great Shutter Co. Please find listed below the basic design options that are available in this range.

Panel designTraditional and Contemporary available.
FramesOver 30 decorative frames.
Louvre sizes:47mm, 64mm, 76mm, 89mm, 114mm traditional elliptical louvres.
Tilt RodsStandard Traditional Tilt and Integrated Hidden Tilt (also known as silent tilt) available.
Colours28 paints.
Other optionsRemote control system available.
Shutter TypesAll including tracked shutters as well as linear special shapes. Not recommended for situations where a waterproof shutter is needed.


We are a Hampshire based company and provide our services across the county including Alton and have named the Alton Shutter Range after this key market town. Alton has a large number of different styles of home and internal shutters are suited to the majority of these. Shutters have a great advantage in that they look great from the outside as well as from the inside. No seeing the back of curtain linings here and so if your home is street facing in Alton and you would like to replace those curtains with something a little more contemporary and easy to care for give us a call. We offer a free home visit and give good, honest advice with no hard sell. Either you will like what we have to offer or decide that shutters are not for you. There is absolutely no obligation.