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So you are interested in shutters but there are so many companies and so many products and so many different names. How do you navigate through the SHUTTER PRICING minefield? This article will help you with your decision making but what it won’t be able to do is let you know if the company you choose to provide your home consultation is good at the initial advise they provide and great at installing shutters.

Firstly – companies’ price in different ways and some include the fitting in their overall price and some separate the fitting from the product. This does not help with price comparison but it is fair that companies that are confident that they provide a superior install may charge the same for the product but more for their fitting expertise. We don't and installation is included in the price - hopefully our reviews speak for themselves. The best price does not mean that you will get the most satisfaction out of your newly purchased shutters.



MDF shutters pricing starts with the entry level MDF Hampshire Shutter Range in general. Some companies market this as Craftwood shutters. This is a good product but has limitation but if its cheap shutter pricing you are looking for then this can be the product for you. It is however heavy and susceptible to moisture ingress so think carefully about the size of your window, the number of folding panels and if you have high level of condensation. The other aspect is that the MDF shutter is not a painted shutter and hence does not have that flat finish that a wooden painted shutter has. If you are looking for a stained or solid shutter then you need to progress straight to the all wood shutters.

If price is really the issue I prefer the Basingstoke Shutter Range, which is a mix of a hardwood shutter frames mixed with polyvinyl slats making it significantly longer lasting than other entry-level shutters on the market. It’s built to not only to last but look good. This is still a painted shutter with that flatter finish a paint gives compared to an MDF or vinyl shutter. The good news is is it costs the same as an MDF shutter. You should budget around £300 per square meter for this product if you are buying 3 shutters or more. You have the benefits of an all wood shutter, which are light weight panels, flatter paint finish and a product that is more resistant to water ingress and humidity levels.

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Our preferred product though is the The Romsey Shutter Range and this is an all wood product – wood panels and wood frames. This product is lightweight – so great for wider and taller windows and also windows with multiple folding panels. The wood used is a plantation wood and grows to full maturity in 15 years, unlike basswood which takes 70 years, as so is environmentally friendly. It can also be harvested up to 3 time from the same root ball. The key characteristics are that it is a stable, knot free and lightweight wood that takes paint well. It weighs approximately 60% of an MDF shutter, for example.

Our fitters love the way the shutters are put together and the all wood aspect means that you have tight mitres and joins and that you have a product where each aspect is made from the same material so expands and contracts with heat at the same rate giving a very stable shutter.

The Romsey Range also gives you can the additional benefit that you can also choose from a large range of paint colours and stains.. If you want to custom colour this range it is also not a problem and we offer all the most popular paint brands. You will be amazed at how little cost effective our shutters are – why not contact The Great Shutter Co. with some dimensions of your window recess (in cm's please) and we will give you a no obligation quote.

These premium wood shutters in The Romsey Range, for example, cost £675 and that price includes installation and VAT.

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Really – the question of how much a shutter costs should be put in the following context:

  • a) How much more substantial is it than a venetian blind?
  • b) How much more versatile is it than other window coverings?
  • c) How much longer will it last than other window coverings?
  • d) Will it make my property more saleable, rentable or just nicer to live in?
  • e) Can I afford it or could I just cover the most important window or windows to start?

You could ask numerous other questions but really it’s about are you getting what you want for the budget you have. If you do then the next question is what material can I afford and that again is where you should take expert advise.