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The great shutter co remote video consultation


Please get in touch and we will arrange a time and date to talk you through all the options on shutters and blinds and provide you with an estimate.

We will also agree the most convenient format for the consultation be it via skype, whatsapp, facetime, google meet or just good old fashion email.

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The great shutter co meauring tape


Measuring most windows for estimate purposes is easy. We just need the height and the width of the recess. You can e-mail those to us in advance if you wish.

If you are not sure how to measure the window we can cover that during the video consultation.

If the estimate is acceptable we will arrange for a final measure visit following best practice to protect your safety and ours.

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Our Procedures


The Great Shutter Co. wants to ensure your safety as well as that of our colleagues. We are only carrying out home visits if we have not been in contact with anyone whom we know to have the corona virus or are showing any of the symptoms ourselves.

Should you have any symptoms or have been in contact with anyone with the virus please cancel your appointment with us and speak to us about a remote consultation. Please contact the office for more information.

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In Your Home


When carrying out home visits we want to assure you of the following:

a) We will wash our hands on entering your home and leaving your home or will be wearing gloves that we dispose of after every visit. If we are washing our hands we carry our own towels.

b) When measuring your windows we use a laser and a tape measure. We touch very few surfaces.

c) There is no need for you to touch samples, but in case you do we are disinfecting our samples every day.

Should you have any requirements you would like us to meet please discuss that with the office prior to the appointment.