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BUT... aren't plantation shutters expensive?

The lifespan of the average window shutters is somewhere between one and two decades. This means that they are an investment that gives you 15-20 years of peace of mind - without any replacements, maintenance costs or any expenses at all.

They allow you total versatility in your interior choices. Say you need or wish to change your sofa, or your duvet cover or even rug then with shutters in the room you don’t need to consider them as part of the scheme as they blend in to the walls and windows and won’t dictate your style choices. So the design world is your oyster!

Also remember, though we don’t want to knock curtains, shutters won’t fray, the cat is less likely to hang off them (though not guaranteed), the won’t have bugs and dead skin living in them (ugh) and they won’t go out of fashion. Coupled with the warranty that The Great Shutter Co offers they really are worth the investment

So are you ready to make the plunge and look in to the shutter options? For more information on shutter types, visit this link! Or talk to us direct... If you are interested in getting a free consultation, contact us today!

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